Kids and Books: Filipino Fridays (2)


Here’s one buzzer beater. The way this month is going, I seem to be caught in a temporal loop and it’s always Filipino Friday! It’s a struggle to keep up, but nevertheless a fun way to celebrate with fellow Filipino readers.

I like today’s topic: favorite books while growing up. I started “reading” before I actually knew the words or letters — my mom loves telling people I’ve loved books since I was in diapers, babbling nonsensically while thumbing through pages, and how (being the little weirdo I was) I refused to sleep without a book to hug. Haha. (And she still wonders why my bookshelves are triple-stacked and overflowing!). I’m fortunate to have grown up in a book-reading family and to have studied in schools with excellent reading programs so there was never any lack of reading material for me growing up. There are so many childhood favorites I’ve read and re-read many times, and I’ve featured some of them on this blog already, so here is my list, linked to posts I’ve written about them.

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32nd Manila International Book Fair, the first of many parts

I’m still trying to catch my breath, but I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the 32nd Manila International Book Fair, and I do want to tell you about it, so here it is, my first book fair post.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days at the MIBF, and I generally spend each day out there getting work done: accompanying guests, processing requests, and even catching up with office work, and then (when things go according to plan) the actual hunting and gathering takes place in the evening. But Wednesday night was spent having dinner with the Flippers (after raiding the book fair of course) and gabbing until the wee hours), hence no reportage from me; while last night I was with my Geek Fight team (who’d raided the MIBF, and amassed even more books than my book club friends, imagine that). Hence it’s Day 3, and I’m pounding this out on my lunch break.

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Filipino Readers Make it Social: The 1st Filipino ReaderCon


… and five weeks’ worth of Filipino Fridays! (*groan!*)

I know, I know, I’m really late in the game on this one, but my schedule has been impossible for the past four weeks, in addition to that throat infection that sent me out of commission (in bed, too sick to do anything) for five days.

But it’s better late than never, and for those attending the Manila International Book Fair, Filipino Readers Make it Social: The 1st Filipino ReaderCon organized by the Filipino Book Bloggers and slated on Wed, is really one of the must-not-miss highlights of this year’s book fair.

Before I start with my Filipino Fridays, let me clue you in on the event details.

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Filipino Friday: Reading Habits

The Filipino Book Bloggers have been doing Filipino Friday posts for some time now, and I’ve been dropping in from time to time but Friday’s often quite busy for me so I tend to see the posts belatedly. Tonight’s the first Friday I’ve been home early in a long time, and  I’ve been mulling about what to blog about tonight when I saw Jhzunagev’s Filipino Friday Post over at Darchwonders (a recent blog discovery that I’m really enjoying so far) and it seemed about time I joined in.

Chachic, the founder of Filipino Book Bloggers, presented the option of answering the whole Reading Habits meme, so here, I’m revealing all my deep dark reading secrets!

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