Book Bazaar, we meet again…

As the Christmas rush set in early for me, starting with the annual Flips Flipping Pages Christmas party (I’ll tell you more about that soon!), I nearly forgot about the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar at Market! Market!, which I’m happy to see is becoming an annual event.

I had work lined up all day with a client in the area the other day, and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t been to the Book Bazaar yet, so I braved the rush hour after work and headed there. I apparently did not think it through —  I didn’t have a lot of cash on me and I was loaded down with my “portable office” consisting of my work bag and laptop bag —  hence I had to limit myself to the one basket (I swear!) that I could carry, but I think I still made out like a bandit with the lovely loot I scored.

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Shakespeare: A Crash Course

Shakespeare was a rite of passage for me. In the school I attended, the sixth graders put on an annual production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (for nearly two decades now, I think). Next to graduation, AMND was the most important event of our grade school lives, and the pageant season was something everyone looked forward to — the school transforms into a magical place when Shakespeare-spouting elves and fairies, noble lords and fair ladies, and mustached mechanicals  traipse around the campus, heightening the excitement for the much-awaited annual performance.

It was the pre-digicam ’90s so I don’t have any pictures of our production (the play photos are of a recent batch from the school website), but I don’t think any of us will forget our AMND experience. Up to now, you can ask any of us who were in that play and we can probably recite whole acts from memory.

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Last day loot!

I couldn’t help it; I had to go back!

I already made off with a pretty hefty loot from the last couple of times I visited the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar, but I wanted to catch the last day of the bargain sale so I wouldn’t have any regrets (yes, you can see how seriously I take book sales) afterwards, and I am so glad I went.

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Book Bazaar Loot!

Last week I talked about how much I was looking forward to the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar and by the time Nov. 19th rolled around, I was all stoked to go book hunting. But alas, I got caught in traffic coming from the other side of the metro, got caught in more traffic on the way to the book bazaar, and by the time I got there, it was 45 minutes ’til closing time and I must say, I do not shop well under pressure!

So I had to go back. Saturday was out of the question, as my day was packed with the Lumina Pandit Tour (yes, I know, I owe you that post — I’m wading through hundreds of photos!) and the End of the Affair discussion, so on Sunday, after my morning visit to Iya’s place to check out her advent calendars (have you seen them? get one at Tie Me Up Buttercup before December 1!), she dropped me off at the book bazaar and I happily dug in!

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National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar!


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