National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar!


I did a double take when I saw this announcement on the National Book Store fan page on my Facebook feed:

It’s your last chance of the year to get your favorite titles at the best prices only at National Book Store! Don’t miss the Christmas Book Bazaar on Nov. 19 to 29, 2010 at the Market! Market! Playzone. Grab your favorite books for as low as P30! Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the NBS Foundation to help kids start the habit of reading, too.

Hands shaky, I clicked the Share button and tagged my companions from the last book bazaar National Book Store held in December 2008. And punctuated my shout-out with more than my daily quota of exclamation points.

Why? Because two years ago, that three day book bazaar (then it was called the “Book-sak Presyo Christmas Sale”) was so awesome that

a) I was at the sale every single day because I lived in fear that I would miss out on a really good deal

b) good books were really really really cheap — I got books for as low as P10 and P20 and they were nice, new books too! I don’t think I bought a book over P100 at that sale! I remember getting a copy of Persepolis for P75, The Boy In Striped Pyjamas for P50, The Road by Cormac McCarthy for P30, and many more (I intentionally did not catalog my purchases that weekend because I was so overwhelmed!)

c) my bookish friends and I would wait for the new boxes to come in every hour or so and check out the new stock they were bringing out!

d) after three days, I ended up with roughly a hundred books! And I don’t think I spent over a couple thousand bucks, too!

They didn’t have a bazaar last year so I was beginning to lose hope on another one like it, and now it’s back!!!!

This year, the books are as low as P30, but judging from the bargain stock at the National Book Store booth at the Manila International Book Fair this year, I’m not complaining! And it’s 10 whole days this time, so there must be a lot of books to go around! I hope this doesn’t cause me to run to the sale every day for ten days, because I have no doubt I will be in grave danger of trading all of my worldly (non-book) possessions for books!


See you there?

17 thoughts on “National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar!”

  1. I’ll be there! :) Text me if you’re there on a weekday, I can meet you since my office is just a stone’s throw away. =)
    Might even drop by every weekday to check on new stocks. Oh gosh, my credit card and wallet will hate me!!!

  2. waaaaa…..give me a defibrilator..wahehe

    nice for you..hope they will do the same here in Davao…i was hyperventilating while reading this…

    i hope it will happen here..(crossing fingers..and toes)

    1. mjo… tell you what. I’m planning to go within the first few days, then I’ll blog about the loot, and you can tell me if there’s anything you want so I have an excuse to go back and get them for you :D

    1. it’ll be worth the trip :) Go later on in the sale, I think they’ll have more stock by then. The boxes aren’t all unpacked yet!

  3. oh yeah…and just pay you afterwards..but how? hehehe (giggling) ….i’m excited..

    i think i will get “The Thief Lord” this Chritmas. it was already marked on my wishlist. weeee…i want to look for the book, “The Monster of Florence”, would that be okay if you scan the horizon for me?

    Hehehe..but i’m not demanding…that book’s not here in Davao.

  4. Hi Sumthinblue! I passed by the sale yesterday and yep, I found lots of good books in there, priced at 20-50php. I wasn’t able to buy anything though, because something bothered me. Please see my post about it and let me know what you think of it.

    Thanks! :)

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