The last of the MIBF loot


It’s the week after the MIBF and I hit the ground running at work, picking up where I left off on the various other ongoing accounts at the height of our events season. It’s the busiest time of the year for us and I’m running ragged at this point.

Readers have been telling me they want to see the rest of my book fair posts, but this week was more than a little crazy, and so was the weekend at the book fair. There were so many people and so many things going on all at the same time!

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Cut-Price Loot!

Life seems to be passing me by in a blur all year. This morning I realized it was the last weekend of the National Book Store Cut-Price Sale (and I hadn’t shopped since the first week) hence I squeezed in a panic trip to a couple branches today.

Technically, I shouldn’t be book shopping, as I’m in the middle of packing all my books in boxes (20 boxes so far, and not even halfway through!), as the bulk of our home renovation is about to begin and my books have to go into storage. But my sister has been warning me I can’t buy any books while the renovation is ongoing so I’m currently in panic mode (because yes, how will I get through book fair?!?).

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Book Bazaar, we meet again…

As the Christmas rush set in early for me, starting with the annual Flips Flipping Pages Christmas party (I’ll tell you more about that soon!), I nearly forgot about the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar at Market! Market!, which I’m happy to see is becoming an annual event.

I had work lined up all day with a client in the area the other day, and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t been to the Book Bazaar yet, so I braved the rush hour after work and headed there. I apparently did not think it through —  I didn’t have a lot of cash on me and I was loaded down with my “portable office” consisting of my work bag and laptop bag —  hence I had to limit myself to the one basket (I swear!) that I could carry, but I think I still made out like a bandit with the lovely loot I scored.

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Why We Buy

I don’t normally read business books, but I needed a U for last year’s A-Z Challenge and I couldn’t find any fiction book by a U author that interested me, so I raided my sister’s book stash. My sister, marketing manager of the supermarkets of a major retail chain, was about 21 pages into the book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill when I encroached upon her reading! :D

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Last day loot!

I couldn’t help it; I had to go back!

I already made off with a pretty hefty loot from the last couple of times I visited the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar, but I wanted to catch the last day of the bargain sale so I wouldn’t have any regrets (yes, you can see how seriously I take book sales) afterwards, and I am so glad I went.

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