Trese 3 and 4

I read the first two Trese books a couple years ago, right after getting them signed at the Visprint booth at the 30th Manila International Book Fair back in 2009, where I got them signed by creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

It wasn’t until the third volume won the National Book Award for Graphic Literature that I was able to get myself a copy, but I hadn’t had time to read it yet. It’s been tucked away on my shelf since, shrink-wrapped, because I was reserving it for Halloween. I finally got to break open the seal a few weeks ago, when I sat down for an interview with Budjette and Kajo!

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Giveaway winners: 10 Son of Neptune gift sets!

Finally, I finished checking, tabulating and double-checking the entries to The Son of Neptune giveaway, which got an astonishing total of 106 entries!

So I’ve been over at, and drew the ten lucky names via the list randomizer.

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Giveaway: 10 Son of Neptune gift sets

I’m currently out of town again, attempting to catch up on my blogging backlog.

In the meantime, here’s my Son of Neptune gift set giveaway, courtesy of National Book Store, for all the Percy Jackson fans out there who are reading (or have finished reading) the book by now!

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New Pop-ups!

I love pop-up books! I think it’s just amazing how paper engineers are finding more and more ways to make pop-up books more complex, and I enjoy the jaw-dropping awe evoked by an ingeniously designed pop-up, and well, these books make me feel like a kid again!

I am slowly building up my collection of pop-up books, and so far this year, I’ve added three new books to my collection: Popigami by James and Francesca Diaz, Elements of Pop-up by David Carter and James Diaz, and Dragons and Monsters by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda.

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Mockingjay leather bookmark

A curious little thing made its way to my desk this morning, in a mysterious white envelope with my name on it…

I opened it and let out a squeal of delight — it’s a limited edition Mockingjay leather bookmark! :)

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