Mockingjay leather bookmark

A curious little thing made its way to my desk this morning, in a mysterious white envelope with my name on it…

I opened it and let out a squeal of delight — it’s a limited edition Mockingjay leather bookmark! :)

The limited edition Mockingjay bookmark is made of supple, yummy-smelling brown leather, with a mockingjay embossed in the center and a darker brown leather thong threaded through the piercing on top.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

If you’re in the Philippines, you can get one of these by purchasing a Hunger Games boxed set from National Book Store.


  1. For every purchase of THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY (PAPERBACK or HARDCOVER) BOXED SET at any National Book Store branch nationwide from December 20, 2010 to January 20, 2011, the customer will receive a free limited edition Mockingjay leather bookmark.
  2. To avail of the free Mockingjay leather bookmark, the customer must present their receipt at the Customer Service area at the NBS branch where they bought the Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set. The Customer Service personnel will stamp “redeemed” on the back of their receipt.
  3. Upon receipt of the Mockingjay leather bookmark, the customer will fill-in their contact details on the monitoring sheet at the Customer Service.
  4. Employees of National Book Store, Inc., Abacus Books and Card Corp., Grolier International, Inc. and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promo.
  5. Customers can still redeem the Mockingjay leather bookmark within 60 days from January 20, 2011
Per DTI NCR Permit No. 8229 Series of 2010
Special thanks to friends at Scholastic Philippines, Ms. Roselle and Ms. Joyce, for the bookmark! :)

21 thoughts on “Mockingjay leather bookmark”

  1. blooey! syempre reader na rin ako ng blog mo. :D haven’t read this yet (corny, right?) i received some GCs last xmas and i’m confused which books to buy. is this really good? :D

    1. Yay, you read my blog! Thanks ha.

      Yes, it’s one of my all-time favorite series (maybe 2nd to Harry Potter!). I loved the first two books. Book three got mixed reviews, and it’s not my favorite either, but I feel the series ended the way it should.

      The trade paperback boxed set is only P995 at NBS :) Well worth it!

  2. But how about for those people who already had the books but still wants that awesome leather bookmark? Can we avail it through some of NBS’s special promo, or only through this?

    Thanks! :)

    1. You can get the bookmark if it’s a paperback boxed set. If you still have the receipt, you might still be able to redeem it.

  3. i should have bought the books right now..

    done reading them..when i saw the deluxe paperbacks, i want to shout…

    anyway, i’m letting it go…heheheh..

    is there any way we can get the leather bookmark without buying the set?

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