Giveaway: 10 Son of Neptune gift sets

I’m currently out of town again, attempting to catch up on my blogging backlog.

In the meantime, here’s my Son of Neptune gift set giveaway, courtesy of National Book Store, for all the Percy Jackson fans out there who are reading (or have finished reading) the book by now!

I am giving away ten (10) Son of Neptune gift sets!

Each gift set contains the following items:

1) a Son of Neptune fold-out poster, with fun activities printed on the flipside

b) a set of six character cards

and c) a commemorative button pin

The Mechanics:

1. The raffle is open to all blog readers with a Philippine mailing address.

2. To enter the raffle, leave a comment on this post.

3. Entries will be accepted until Saturday, Oct. 28, 12 midnight, Manila time

4. One raffle entry per email addressper person (also, one entry per person). I will reply to each comment for validation and I reserve the right to weed out suspicious entries.

5. Ten lucky winners will be drawn via (first ten on the randomized list). Winners will be announced here within three days after the end of the entry period. screenshot will accompany the announcement of the winners.

6. The prize can be claimed at the next FFP book discussion, Filipino Book Bloggers meetup, Murphy’s quiz night, or GeekFight Trivia Night, or I will email the winners individually to make arrangements.

The raffle officially opens as soon as this post is up.

Good luck!

The Heroes of Olympus, Book Two: The Son of Neptune is available at National Book Store for P395.

225 thoughts on “Giveaway: 10 Son of Neptune gift sets”

  1. SON OF NEPTUNE GIFT PACKS?! I want this so bad! I’ve read the first book but I haven’t read this one, yet. I’m a Percy Jackson addict! And Rick Riordan is the best! It would really mean a lot if I win! *Fingers crossed!*

  2. Wow! I hope I get this really cool pack! I’ve been dying to read the Son of Neptune :)) I loved Percy since I first read the lightning thief, and he’s still the only one I’m waiting for now ;) hahaha :)) thanks for this chance you’ve given, and I hope the fates will be in my favor :D

  3. Son of Neptune~~~ This series is so exciting… I didn’t like reading books before reading the first percy jackson series!! This series got me so hook up it took me a week to finish all 4 books (the fifth was to be release later that year!), was also bankrupt after that week WHAHAH XD. So thrilled that theres a sequel to the series <3 loved the Son of Neptune!! Hoping Mark of Athena gets released soon!!

  4. Sold out on bookstores near us. But I was able to get a copy a day after it was released. Just finished reading this a few days back. So glad to have Percy again! Haha. Gonna be a long wait for Mark of Athena. :)

  5. I’m done reading The Son of Neptune and I love it. Super adventurous and exciting. I love Percy and Annabeth therefore, I love Percabeth. :)))

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