Reading the Rosales Saga

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When my book club, Flips Flipping Pages, held a Rosales Saga readalong last year, I jumped on the chance to acquaint myself with National Artist F. Sionil Jose’s work, because while I’ve read his newspaper articles and even dropped by his book shop once in a blue moon, I had never read any of his novels.

The Rosales Saga is considered F. Sionil Jose’s masterpiece, composed of five books: “Po-on,” “Tree,” “My Brother, My Executioner,” “The Pretenders” and “Mass.” Set in F. Sionil Jose’s hometown of Rosales, Pangasinan, the series revolves around several generations of two families, the peasant Samsons and the wealthy Asperris.

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Best + Worst 2014



Last Saturday, we Flippers found ourselves in Angono, the art capital of the Philippines, for our book club’s annual Best and Worst discussion, a tradition we uphold every January in place of our monthly book discussion.

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Best and Worst 2013


At Flips Flipping Pages, our January book discussion is automatically allotted to revealing our best and worst reads for the year, and it’s always a great way to get recommendations from other book club members.

We had our Best and Worst discussion last Saturday at the UP Center for Women’s Studies library. The center is the UP system’s hub for advancing gender, sexuality, and LGBT rights & empowerment, and its library is small but cozy and well-stocked with a growing selection of books.

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Reliving Rizal


In the spirit of Jose Rizal’s birthday, here’s a bit of a flashback to December, when our book club Flips Flipping Pages celebrated its annual Christmas/ year-end party with a Noli Me Tangere theme.

We Flippers just got back from our annual “summer” outing this weekend, and I’m feeling nostalgic as a lot of our favorite FFP memories resurfaced at various points of the trip. The book club hits the six-year mark in a few months, and having been a member for just as long, it’s nothing short of an amazing experience.

Based on my past reportage of Flipper parties, you’ve probably guessed how much we love parties (and bookish themes! and food! and costumes!). But there are quite a few Rizal enthusiasts in the group, so the Noli theme was embraced with much fanfare.

Here’s a recap of the festivities, in lovely photos by Flipper photographer extraordinaire Rhett de Jesus.

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Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” RDJ

After “The Making” comes the party itself: SteamPoe, Flips Flipping Pages’ Halloween party for 2012, held at Briggy Hall in Kapitolyo.

Here is SteamPoe in photos — I had to wade through so many photos, it took all week to get this entry done!
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