We Captured the Castle

IMG_0688-001 As most of you may have read in my previous entry, I moderated this month’s book discussion for Flips Flipping Pages. I chose one of my favorite books, “I Capture the Castle” and we hied off to Bacolod City for a change of scenery and a complete countryside experience.

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Best + Worst 2014



Last Saturday, we Flippers found ourselves in Angono, the art capital of the Philippines, for our book club’s annual Best and Worst discussion, a tradition we uphold every January in place of our monthly book discussion.

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Last Friday night…

Quick post!

I just wanted to share: my book club, Flips Flipping Pages, kicked off the year with, of all things, a bowling tourney! Hahaha, I haven’t gone bowling in about seven years, but well, Flippers are always great company, so non-existent bowling skills aside, I went along anyway.

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Suzanne Collins meets the Flippers!

Remember a few months back  when I blogged about our book club Flips Flipping Pages sending a gift to Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins

Thanks to our friends from Scholastic, we were able to send Suzanne Collins a miniature Philippine flag and a photo from our April Hunger Games book discussion.

But wait — the story doesn’t end there! I opened my email today and found this awesome photo in my inbox:

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Healthy reading (FFP August Book Discussion)


For the month of August, the Flips Flipping Pages (FFP, the book club I belong to) book discussion was all about health, moderated by our very fit Flipper Jan.

A lot of us, myself included, were apprehensive about the topic, seeing as we’re book club friends and not gym buddies, and we flex our muscles carrying stacks of books, not dumbbells.

On a personal note,  I joined the discussion because I am still trying to come to terms (haha!) with my post-college body (*sigh* those college jeans…).  All my life, I’d always been skinny, up until after a couple years at work, when genetics (ugh, the family hips) and the sedentary life of a desk worker kicked in. The discussion was very timely for me, as I wanted to explore getting into a regular fitness routine that I can do at home, and make healthier diet choices.

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