Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” RDJ

After “The Making” comes the party itself: SteamPoe, Flips Flipping Pages’ Halloween party for 2012, held at Briggy Hall in Kapitolyo.

Here is SteamPoe in photos — I had to wade through so many photos, it took all week to get this entry done!

First, the cast of characters:

The Dr. Who fangirls Honey, Dianne and Shani (as Idris, the 10th doctor, and River Song). JDV

The Steampunk twins, Peter and Rhett. RDJ

Darwin, the machinist. RDJ

Sana as steampunk Lady Violet Grantham. RDJ

Mike as steampunk Agent Cossack and street urchin (costume change!). RDJ

Fredda as steampunk Lolita. RDJ

Cecille as steampunk Western gal. RDJ

Steampunk gangsters Ramon and Danica. JDV

Steampunk gentleman, Art. JDV

Jeeves, the airship mechanic. RDJ

Steamy-punk girls: Gege, Joko, and me! JDV

Before we go to the night’s entertainment, let me show you some details of my costume, because I made the wings myself!

Steampunk fairy! RDJ/JDV

I love how it turned out, considering it was cobbled together from a thrifted dress, rubber foam, a ton of brads and eyelets (all from National Book Store’s scrapbooking section, strips of leatherette, welding goggles, and various odds and ends — all in a few hours snatched here and there within the week leading up to the party!

After our “character” introductions, we had a scavenger hunt, which involved Flippers running around Kapitolyo in costume (hehe!).

Steampunk hitchhikers, anyone?MB

Steampunkers out and about!RDJ/JDV

We also had a wicked poetry slam!

The Flippers wax poetic. DSS/RDJ

Honey kicked off the Poefest reciting “The Raven,” followed by Gege, Danica, Cecille, Fredda and Darwin and their erm, interpretative rendition of “Annabel Lee.” Art, Mike, and Joko tackled “A Dream within a Dream,” while Jeeves, Rhett and Vincent took on the onomatopoeic “Bells.” Moving away from Poe, Jeeves and Joko did a spoken word performance (the content of which cannot be revealed here — you just had to be there!), followed by Gege’s passionate reading of her ode to books, and Jeeves’ and Shani’s  performance of “When Love Arrives” (by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye). Way to go, Flippers!

Sana won the award for Best Steampunk Character, while Darwin won Best in Costume. RDJ

Thank you to Briggy (Ivanna Aguiling and company) for accommodating us! RDJ

All in all, it was an awesome, awesome night. RDJ

I love that theme parties (even book discussions!) have become an FFP tradition, because everyone’s so game. We’re not done yet for 2012, though — we’re squeezing in another one before the year ends: the annual FFP Christmas party!

Thank you bunches to FFP shutterbugs Rhett de Jesus, Jeeves de Veyra, Dianne Singson and Mike Bahrami for the photos.

Briggy Hall: East Capitol Dr. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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