Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” RDJ

After “The Making” comes the party itself: SteamPoe, Flips Flipping Pages’ Halloween party for 2012, held at Briggy Hall in Kapitolyo.

Here is SteamPoe in photos — I had to wade through so many photos, it took all week to get this entry done!
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The Making of SteamPoe!

I’m back from an incredibly busy Halloween season! As if the whole ASOIAF shebang (DIY Iron Throne, DIY wildling cloak and all) weren’t enough to tide me over, I had two other Halloween parties lined up! One was my younger cousin’s birthday party (wherein we created a haunted house and scared the wits out of a bunch of high schoolers!) a couple Saturdays ago, and the other was something we’d been planning for over five months: SteamPoe, the Flips Flipping Pages (post) Halloween party, which was just last Saturday!

I’m one of the three organizers of SteamPoe (the other two being my cousin Dianne and our fellow Flipper and new partner-in-(crafting)crime Shani), and none of us remember exactly how the idea came about, but the title was coined because the theme was a mix of steampunk and, in the spirit of Halloween, Edgar Allan Poe.

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Bookish Stops: Singapore (Part 1)

Hello! It feels so good to be back blogging here — life’s been overwhelming since I got back from the AFCC, and well, this year in general, but I am hoping (*fingers crossed*) I can post more regularly from hereon out.

Anyway, I have an article on the AFCC coming out this weekend, and I am writing recaps of the most inspiring sessions I attended, but in the meantime here’s Part 1 of the bookish highlights of my Singapore trip.

Subtitled: Notes from the End of the Purple Line — I swear I don’t know how my sister survives the daily commute; I lost more than five pounds on this trip!

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