Cut-Price Loot!

1209185_10151621441841914_2107090284_n*Photo courtesy of National Book Store

So the NBS Cut-Price Sale is ongoing until this weekend, and while I’ve imposed a one-bag limit on my book shopping (e.g. I cannot exceed one reasonably-sized bag at any given time), the results aren’t half bad…

Five branches (Shangri-la, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Greenhills, and Cash & Carry) later, check out what I scored (so far…) at this year’s Cut-Price Sale. Grand total under P1500.

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Cut-Price Loot!

Life seems to be passing me by in a blur all year. This morning I realized it was the last weekend of the National Book Store Cut-Price Sale (and I hadn’t shopped since the first week) hence I squeezed in a panic trip to a couple branches today.

Technically, I shouldn’t be book shopping, as I’m in the middle of packing all my books in boxes (20 boxes so far, and not even halfway through!), as the bulk of our home renovation is about to begin and my books have to go into storage. But my sister has been warning me I can’t buy any books while the renovation is ongoing so I’m currently in panic mode (because yes, how will I get through book fair?!?).

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First day NBS Cut-Price Sale loot!

Yesterday was the first day of the annual National Book Store Cut-Price Sale, which runs until Aug. 21 across all National Book Store branches.

All day yesterday I’d been stewing restlessly over my laptop, which got frozen in sleep mode the night before and then refused to wake up. I decided to take it over to the service center this weekend, and I was worrying about the possible expense that would cost. And so I was in retail therapy mode this evening when I went on my first NBS Cut-Price Sale recon mission.

I don’t think they’ve unpacked everything yet, because there was just one table outside and a couple half-tables inside the store (that means I shall return!), but nevertheless, the loot was awesome!
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Crazy over the cut-price sale!

The annual National Book Store Cut-Price sale is on!

I’ve been shopping at the NBS cut-price sale since I was in college, and I always manage to take home a great haul over theĀ  three-week sale season. I’ve even developed a strategy for it over the years — I’ve learned to pace myself, because otherwise I’ll just go crazy (not to mention broke).

I spend the first week scoping out a couple of branches, and I usually don’t buy anything (unless it’s something I absolutely must have for my collection); I just check out the books on sale. And then I do my first round of shopping at the one branch, where I do the bulk of my cut-price purchases. Over the next few days, when I have the chance, I drop by the different branches, and see if there are one or two books I still want to buy. And then, at the tail end, I drop by another branch and scrounge for more books — sometimes the prices drop towards the end of the sale!

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