Cut-Price Loot!

1209185_10151621441841914_2107090284_n*Photo courtesy of National Book Store

So the NBS Cut-Price Sale is ongoing until this weekend, and while I’ve imposed a one-bag limit on my book shopping (e.g. I cannot exceed one reasonably-sized bag at any given time), the results aren’t half bad…

Five branches (Shangri-la, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Greenhills, and Cash & Carry) later, check out what I scored (so far…) at this year’s Cut-Price Sale. Grand total under P1500.


IMG_9191One of the few titles in the series that I don’t have yet.
The last book and what looks like a bad film adaptation are coming out soon.

IMG_9193Inspired by an interesting dinner conversation with fellow bookies.

IMG_9194Because I haven’t read this one yet. Shh!

IMG_9198And this for a future David Levithan marathon.

IMG_9199And score!!!


This one, I’ve been drooling over for two years.
I actually have the individual books, but this volume is hardcover and colored. ?

IMG_9213Yeah, you know I’m a trivia junkie.

IMG_9215And I adore these vintage-y Daring books!

IMG_9218For the dormant artist in me.

The best branch so far was Shangri-la — huge selection both in genres and titles, lots of marked down 2012 releases, BolaƱo and Saramago galore (I mention this because Flippers go crazy at the mention of these authors!), and the most number of sale tables (in the five branches I’ve been too).

Looking forward to the weekend — I hope I get to check out at least two more branches I haven’t checked out yet. (And the rest of my book shopping will have to wait until MIBF).

I leave you with the words of Admiral William Adama: Good Hunting!


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