Marauding at the MIBF (even more loot!)

I’m home after the last day of the MIBF, and I think I carted out the biggest haul I’ve had in years. I thought last year’s loot was quite a haul, but  it pales in comparison to this year’s three-post-running loot, and I’m glad my mom is out of town, or else I’d have to smuggle my purchases inside the house!

Now I need to shelve these (stuff them in with the old so they don’t look newly-acquired, hehehe) before mom gets back in town!

Day 4 of the MIBF, was, as I see now, my “slow day” as I just had two bags of books. Most of the day I was still at work, and I got out early (read: before closing time) so I did not spend a lot of time browsing.

I’ve been a MAD magazine fan since fourth grade! (NBS bargain bin)

two more graphic novels

more shoujo manga! (NBS bargain bin)

for Mama, when she inevitably notices the significant increase
of books in my collection yet again. (NBS bargain bin)

squee — trivia! (NBS bargain bin)

doing a Blooey on my mass market paperback (NBS bargain bin)

signed by Elbert Or :) (Tahanan)

Adarna books — shoutout to Aldy and Rommel for autographs! (Adarna)

Now, Sunday’s a different story — it was more panic buying than shopping, typical of the last day of MIBF.

Finally got the OMW Binondo map (horribly late, I know — the coupons are expired. But still, it’s the map I want).
Also got the Manga Realities companion book. Was not able to check out the exhibit
during the Ambeth Ocampo lecture, but it runs ’til October so I plan to go and see it after I read the book.
(Ayala Foundation)

goodies from Anvil, going to my mom (more bribery) and brother

lovely Japanese bookmarks from Bookmarked! reader Neal, who went to my signing at Anvil.
Thank you Neal, and it was great to finally meet you!

got the whole set for my boss (Tahanan)

got a load of English textbooks for my brother (English teacher!), and for me, too,
because I’m tutoring a sixth-grade boy in English (NBS)

business books for my sister (NBS bargain bin)

upgrading my old copies of these books (NBS bargain bin)

BSC graphic novel! (NBS bargain bin)

Lupin III is always fabulous! (NBS bargain bin)

awesome find: new Bathroom Reader books! (NBS bargain bin)
*duplicates are for my cousin Dianne

another awesome find! Olivia in Latin!

for my best friend Mika! (NBS bargain bin)

I actually can’t stand her on TV, but I like the recipes,
so I have her books. (NBS bargain bin)

and a free Penguin sampler!

MIBF always puts me on a high! You would think the annual looting would be enough to tide me over until the next year, haha, but no!!! :P I probably won’t buy books until December a month next month!!! :)

More on the MIBF — interview with Alexander Yates and the live chat with Rachel Ward — later this week.

20 thoughts on “Marauding at the MIBF (even more loot!)”

    1. Ok. The In Cold Blood is terribly faded, I’ll just give it to you. Not sure re Death of a Salesman if I haven’t given it out yet.

  1. It was nice to meet you also Blooey. Although it was just brief (as my friend is waiting for me and i’m kinda shy), it’s really nice to see you in person and to finally be able to hand over the bookmarks.

    its a good thing i read here that you will be in mibf signing your book. :D

  2. Hi blooey! Thanks for covering mibf for us! Seeing your great haul I think you got a great deal for all your books :) how much did you spend for all 5 days at the fair? I spent about 4k for 26 books but I still think I couldn’t gotten what I want cheaper if I knew where to look and had luck on my side, esp. during the times whenever nbs replenishes it’s stock

    1. Ohhhh, I don’t even want to think about it. Definitely more than you spent.

      But the books I got are at valued at least twice the total amount :p

  3. Haha at least we regret nothing, right?! :D although by my calculations on my library I can spend 5 years reading a book a day and still not finish everything, hehe. But for those still waiting to be read, just the fact that they’re residing at home and is mine (MINE!, mwahahaha!) Is of great joy to me.

    1. :) True. Hahaha, I’ve calculated that I can stop buying books for the next decade or so without running out of stuff to read, but does that stop me? NOOOO! :D

      And I agree whole heartedly, mere possession is a joy in itself!

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