I am the Book Fair Bandit.

I’ve been looting, as usual.

People seem to enjoy finding out what books I’ve been picking up at the Book Fair, so at the risk of exposing my book-related pathological tendencies, here you go: the first of my MIBF loot.

Anvil Publishing has a lot of books that I want. I bought a bagful today, but there are still some titles I want to come back for. Special mention: Filipino Reader’s Choice Award winner for Best Essay Anthology: Bebang Siy’s It’s A Mens World.

Selyo was 50% off; the rest 20% off.

National Book Store had this promo on Where’s Wally Books — 2 books and you get a free totebag. I really wanted the totebag, and I wanted the all-in-one book, so I got two copies of that. You guys win, too, as I’m giving away the second copy here after the book fair.

The totebag is awesome awesome, front and back. And stripey handles!

Then I moseyed over to the Tahanan Booth, because my friend Franny wanted to show me the Ay Naku app they’re developing. And then… well, you know what happened next. Tomorrow my friends Jomike Tejido and Serj Bumatay are signing at Tahanan, so I have to go back for more books.

I’ve always wanted these books for my collection! And stationery — can’t get enough of those.

Here’s this year’s Adarna stash:

Special mention: Filipino Readers’ Choice Award winner for Best Children’s Picture Book, But That Won’t Wake Me Up!
Books at P35-P100.

Because I want new geekdoms. Also from NBS, 20% off.

I got these little books at the Oishi booth — very cute, and only P40 each.

For my bookmark collection. Reminded me of those Persian book rugs. P50 at Tradewinds.

I also found bargain bin treasures from National Book Store. Because skulking near the unopened boxes is half the fun!
When you hear the tape ripping, best be in an advantageous position, wink wink!

I’ve been looking for The Cardturner since it was released!

My prize find is from the OPRAP booth way in the back. I picked this up and just couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t supposed to be discounted because it’s a new release from earlier this month, but I wheedled the price down by 15%, squee!

Love the ligne-claire style, and it’s an adventure series too, but set in the 1920s!

The MIBF is still until Sunday at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasig CIty. Three more days to go, and all the signings are over the weekend. I need a support group!


13 thoughts on “I am the Book Fair Bandit.”

    1. Fished this out from my spam filter. I’ve heard raves about the book, so excited to read it! I didn’t see you at the Book Fair, sayang!

  1. Waaah! I love ARAW NG PALENGKE, sarap ikwento! I haven’t read some of your children’s books, will find a copy of –But That Won’t Wake Me Up! :)

    didn’t see you in the MIBF, and i was there for a while, didn’t think to text! see you next weekend!

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