And the Book Fair Bandit strikes again…

I seem to have caught a bug at the MIBF — I’ve been laid up for the past week with a nasty respiratory tract infection. But no one will believe my Book Fair purchases amounted to just one post, so here it is, finally, Part 2 of my MIBF loot!

These hardcovers were part of a 4-for-P100 deal at Tradewinds (influenced by my friend Fran,
who proved to be a fellow Book Fair bandit herself!).
The 4th book is another copy of Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, which went to my cousin.
And no, I don’t read Ilocano, but Emil and the Detectives is a childhood favorite. You know me.

Not a book, but book-related, and not from the Book Fair but at the Best of Anime Convention upstairs.
The gang from Lupin III in gashapon (alas, sans Jigen!): Goemon, Lupin, Fujiko and Zenigata for only P75.

From the NBS booth: gave in to another fandom (Pegasisters and Bronies unite!),
because I keep coloring books in my filing cabinet at work — for therapy!

Also from the NBS Booth: This one, I got signed for you guys. I have a big giveaway looming… maybe on Halloween?

From the UP Press bargain bin — a bit beat up around the edges (so hipster!),
but not a bad deal as these only set me back P60! And I really wanted these titles, too.

A gift from Anvil (thanks Ms. G!). Lucky that Claude Tayag was there to sign it, as I forgot my copy of Linamnam!

Went CRAZY! Got a TON of picture books at OMF Lit because they were only P20 each!

The Suplado doll, a gift from Mr. Suplado, Stanley Chi, himself!
My sister has christened it “Igme,” LOLZ.

Back at the NBS Booth — I’ve been meaning to get this for ages!

And finally, my new Archie stash (also from NBS)! All done now, after my lie-in weekend!

Not bad, considering this year has been the busiest MIBF for me, and I’m literally still recovering from the after-effects. I still have some photos to share with you, but it will have to wait until another post. Off to bed, and hopefully I’ve seen the last of this dratted bug by tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “And the Book Fair Bandit strikes again…”

  1. The Lupin figures are a steal! So are the Archie Americana Series books. I remember reading those in elementary. Loved them! :-)

    1. The gashapon find was totally random, there were bins and bins of odd figures and the set just jumped out at me.

      The Archie Americana books are P399 each, but they were 20% off. I’m still deciding whether I am ready to read the Archie gets Married series. I’m not a big fan of the new art and I don’t want the characters to move on, hahaha!

  2. Curses Blooey!!! =) I have been looking for a copy of GCF’s Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker for ages!!!! I didn’t see this =(

    It’s a classic (sigh).

    1. If I had known I would’ve gotten you one, Sana! I think you may be able to find one at the Silahis store in Intramuros. I’ll check next book fair if they still have a copy.

  3. Nakakainggit! Huhuhu! I’m from Bicol so as much as I would want to attend the MIBF, I couldn’t!! Aside from the fare, there’s the discouraging nine hours of travel (plus a couple of hours due to road blocks). We only have Booksale and National Bookstore here. =( Aaaarghh! Nice haul, btw. =)

    1. Hi Marj, I do hope one day you can go :). I think you’ll find that the nine hours are worth it — especially for the weekend of the Book Fair, so many book signings lined up!

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