Book Fair!

While waiting for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair to open for Day 2, here are some photos from yesterday’s opening.


My day was mostly occupied by Carlos Celdran’s tour of the MIBF, and the opening ceremonies.

Renowned Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran is one of the MIBF Bookworms, the official ambassadors of the MIBF, along with Stanley Chi, Tado, and Ramon Bautista.

Carlos showed a tour group around the exhibit halls of the MIBF, checking out offerings from various exhibitors.

Walk this way!

pimping books by the MIBF Bookworms

At the Tahanan booth

checking out ebooks

with Anvil Marketing Manager Gwenn Galvez

Checking out Felta Multimedia

Hamming it up for the cameras

In all my years at the MIBF, the tour was certainly a new experience!

The other part of my day was the opening ceremony later that afternoon.

This is like, the who’s who of the book industry, including National Book Store matriarch “Nanay” Socorro Ramos

with my neighbor, Mang Nanie of the Reading Club 2000 street library,
whom I invited to speak at the opening program

with my cousin Dianne and newfound friends Genaro Gojo Cruz, Rhandee Garlitos, and Bebang Siy!

Opening Day’s always busy for me, so I’m still warming up for looting (MIBF loot reportage later on).

But this is totally wreaking havoc on my willpower: ASOIAF in hardcover at the NBS booth (photo courtesy of NBS)!

I have until Sunday to decide.

Meanwhile, on to Day 2 — see you at the MIBF!


4 thoughts on “Book Fair!”

  1. Blooey, dear, I don’t know how you have time to blog even when you’re tired after a loooong day at the MIBF! I have 700 photos to go through (gulp) and I’ve no idea how to start!

    Just dropping by. Papansin kuno effect. Hahaha. :)

    Fellow book fanatic,

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