The Return of the Book Bandit


The Book Bandit (a.k.a, Me) is back (*evil laugh*) — I just made away with some major loot at the National Book Store Warehouse Sale, ongoing at the 4th floor of National Book Store Quezon Avenue.

I had actually been to the initial run of the Warehouse Sale in November, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go this time. But an opportunity opened up today because I had given a Book Blogging talk after lunch at St. Paul College, Parañaque and I had the rest of the afternoon free.

(The students of SPCP were a fabulous audience, by the way).

I had actually been to the initial run of the Warehouse Sale back in November, but I didn’t have the luxury of time as I squeezed the trip in between errand runs for our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party and the Filipino Reader Conference. But on my first run, I managed to clear a lot of stuff off both my party supplies list and my Christmas list, and hauled in these goodies:

IMG_0990Art and trivia books ( P200, P20, and P20)

IMG_0991Comic books (P75, P30 and P30).
The Doraemons were a steal  — they’re original (not reprints)
and I remember buying them before at P300 apiece.

IMG_1028Picture books!!! I finally have the final Sendak. (P100, P75 and P150)

IMG_1031Sijie, Sanderson and Sionil (P50, P75 and P100). Mass comes just in time for our FSJ Read-along this month!

I returned to the Warehouse Sale today to find that on top of the bargain prices, ALL BOOKS WERE MARKED DOWN AN EXTRA 50% OFF (further discounted at the counter). So, there I was, in a totally unplanned shopping frenzy:

IMG_1000I can never have too many doodle books! (P25 each)

IMG_1001This one for our office messengers, haha. (P50)

IMG_1003Halloween party templates. Squee! (P37.50)

IMG_1005Because STICKERS. (P25 and P15)

IMG_1006and yay, Patrick Carman! (P50)

IMG_1008Sold on the cover. (P75)

IMG_1009Because Geraldine McCaughrean comes so highly recommended.
(by Candy Gourlay ^_^) (P25)

IMG_1010For my officemate. (P15)

IMG_1011This one for our planned Memorial Day party ehehe. (P37.50)

IMG_1012I really should catch up on Fables. (P37.50).

IMG_1013Ees a widdle book. (P25)

IMG_1014I think I don’t have this yet (?). (P50)

IMG_1016Yay! (P25)

IMG_1022Gorey-ish. (P15)

IMG_1024-001More trivia. (P50)

IMG_1026Old favorite. (P37.50)

My heaving bag of booty amazingly came out to just little over P600! And I am one happy bandit. With slightly dusty boots.

The sale runs until Sunday, and the crew’s constantly unpacking boxes (oh, the boxes!) and boxes of books. It’s magic.


P.S. Here’s a map in case you have trouble finding it (A marks the spot):

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