The Return of the Book Bandit


The Book Bandit (a.k.a, Me) is back (*evil laugh*) — I just made away with some major loot at the National Book Store Warehouse Sale, ongoing at the 4th floor of National Book Store Quezon Avenue.

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National Book Store Warehouse Sale!

Christmas comes early for book lovers in the metro, as National Book Store holds its warehouse sale at the 4th floor of National Book Store Quezon Avenue from November 15 to 18 (10 am to 7 pm), with up to 80% off on books, supplies and gift items.

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More Christmas book sales!

I like giving books as gifts, especially when I’m familiar enough with the person to know what kind of books they like, but I’m way behind on this year’s Christmas shopping so I’ll have to shop double time in the next two weeks.

If like me, you have some books to check off the Christmas list, here are some places worth checking out:

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Book hunting marathon #1



My cousin Dianne and I love bargain book hunting; the cheaper, the better. Our favorite haunt is Book Sale, a bargain book store chain with lots of branches across the metro and even in the provincial malls. No week goes by without at least one visit to a Book Sale branch (or else we suffer from withdrawal symptoms), so we pretty much have our own system of trawling through the wonderful jumble of books for bargain treasures.

We were gabbing on the phone last Friday when we got the crazy idea of hopping through various Book Sale outlets across the MRT-EDSA line to go bargain book hunting. We set a generous budget of P500, roped Flipper friend Marie into joining us, and set off on Saturday morning for our book hunt.

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Bookish Blackout!



On Tuesday night, I was pounding out a blog entry when my mom told me to go to bed because there was a storm brewing (typhoon Basyang). I was actually packing up my stuff already; the chilly wind was blowing into the living room and I was getting goosebumps. Of course, because I’m now paranoid, I had to check that I had no books at flood level before heading upstairs.

I’d no sooner climbed into bed when the power went out, and the wind started howling something awful, rattling the window panes and galvanized iron roofs from nearby. Our dog Macky started whimpering from the stairs so I grabbed my flashlight to take him up to the room. Our cat Missy was already burrowing into my mom’s blankets for warmth (she hates being cold).

I fell into a fitful sleep, worrying about falling trees and flying rooftops, and woke up to the sound of my brother telling my mom the upstairs bathroom was a mess — the window was open and the ceiling was detached, hanging by the wiring of the lamp in the center. I got out of bed and there was sludge all over the toiletries!

Still no power by then so I marched off to the bathroom downstairs to get ready for work. There were a few inches of floodwater in the street so I had to tiptoe across the sidewalk!

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