39 Clues: Unstoppable summer promo


The 39 Clues has definitely come a long way since I first started reading it. The original 10 book, multi-author, multimedia series has since been followed by the Cahills vs. Vespers arc, spanning six books; and the current (and last) arc: Unstoppable, with the third book “Countdown” released today.

This summer, Pinoy Cahills get a summer treat at National Book Store and Powerbooks.

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I’m back from my weekend up in the mountains, and the first order of business is thanking everyone who shared in my week-long birthday celebration: those who shared a meal (and drinks) with me; those who joined my Hogwarts Library giveaway; and most especially those who extended their generosity towards my Birthday for Books fundraiser for Sambat Trust.

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Meet Arya, my Kobo Glo!

I’ll read books any way I can get them, and I’ve read e-books on PC, mobile, and palm pilot since 2004, so I’ve always considered e-ink technology a godsend.

I’ve been in love with e-ink technology since I got my first e-reader in early 2011. The state of my shelves tells me I haven’t slowed down significantly in terms of acquiring print books, but e-books have generally become part of my lifestyle. About 50% of the books I read are ebooks, and the e-reader is something I’d never leave home without, because God forbid I find myself in a tediously slow checkout counter (or cab queue, or the reception at a client’s office) with nothing to read.

After two generations of (heavily-used) e-readers, I had been looking for a device with a built in light, because I realized I was doing a lot of reading in the dark (before drifting off to sleep), and often used my tablet for that purpose, because the clip-on lights on my e-reader either kept conking out (I must have run through half a dozen) or falling off. Hence, my eye grades have been off the charts of late.

I was thrilled to get a Kobo Glo when National Book Store launched Kobo in September; I had actually been eyeing this particular e-reader for a while already, as it seemed a better option for my second-gen touch model. I’ve named this e-reader Arya (as in Arya Stark, ASOIAF), and I’ve been reading on it daily ever since I’ve got it, and it’s been an excellent experience so far.

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Many Happy Returns


I’m back! I hope the holidays have treated everyone well. I’ve been busy doing a lot of cooking, catching up with old friends, crafting, and fangirling (yes, still in a tizzy from all the Doctor Who and Sherlock feels), started work again this week and rang in the new year with the Flippers last night, hence the slight delay.

So, it’s January 2014, which means this blog has been online for 5 years. Blogging is something I really enjoy doing, and I realize I’ve missed the regular exercise, so it’s something I am making more time for this year. I even put up a Facebook page and Twitter, so feel free to hound me for new posts :p

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Reader Species: Filipino Fridays (1)

When I saw the topic for today’s Filipino Fridays, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I’m up to my eyeballs in work these days, but Filipino Fridays is an annual tradition leading up to the Filipino ReaderCon, and it’s always fun to join in.

Today’s Filipino Friday topic is based on Laura E. Kelley’s infographic about Reader Species, and how we would classify ourselves.

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