Meet Arya, my Kobo Glo!

I’ll read books any way I can get them, and I’ve read e-books on PC, mobile, and palm pilot since 2004, so I’ve always considered e-ink technology a godsend.

I’ve been in love with e-ink technology since I got my first e-reader in early 2011. The state of my shelves tells me I haven’t slowed down significantly in terms of acquiring print books, but e-books have generally become part of my lifestyle. About 50% of the books I read are ebooks, and the e-reader is something I’d never leave home without, because God forbid I find myself in a tediously slow checkout counter (or cab queue, or the reception at a client’s office) with nothing to read.

After two generations of (heavily-used) e-readers, I had been looking for a device with a built in light, because I realized I was doing a lot of reading in the dark (before drifting off to sleep), and often used my tablet for that purpose, because the clip-on lights on my e-reader either kept conking out (I must have run through half a dozen) or falling off. Hence, my eye grades have been off the charts of late.

I was thrilled to get a Kobo Glo when National Book Store launched Kobo in September; I had actually been eyeing this particular e-reader for a while already, as it seemed a better option for my second-gen touch model. I’ve named this e-reader Arya (as in Arya Stark, ASOIAF), and I’ve been reading on it daily ever since I’ve got it, and it’s been an excellent experience so far.

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