39 Clues: Unstoppable summer promo


The 39 Clues has definitely come a long way since I first started reading it. The original 10 book, multi-author, multimedia series has since been followed by the Cahills vs. Vespers arc, spanning six books; and the current (and last) arc: Unstoppable, with the third book “Countdown” released today.

This summer, Pinoy Cahills get a summer treat at National Book Store and Powerbooks.

FINAL - 39 Clues Poster_Unstoppable Promo1 (7)

From April 29-May 30, every single purchase of two books of The 39 Clues series at any National Book Store or Powerbooks branch entitles the winner with a limited edition branch crest leather bookmark!

It’s the perfect time to catch up on The 39 Clues — the bookmarks are pretty nifty, tooled with both the branch crest (and color-coded, too: black Madrigal, orange Ekaterina, green Janus, red Lucian and blue Tomas) and the 39 Clues logo. Perfect for showing off your branch pride, and you never know, there might just be a clue or two in there.


Promo details courtesy of Scholastic.

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