Every year, the plan is to pace myself, especially because I’m at the Manila International Book Fair every single day.

Of course, every year is somewhat of a fail, but I don’t think it’s ever been as epic a fail as this year! I normally buy one or two books during the weekdays, and reserve shopping for the weekend, but when you’re in the company of enablers *cough cough Flippers cough cough Team WAADO cough cough* it’s really hopeless.

So I might as well show you what I got (quick, before the guests I am waiting for get here!)

Here’s the loot from Days 1 and 2 (and I am sorry to say I have added another load today)… I am trying to ignore my running tab. Most of these are bargain bin finds P100 and below, but well, the sheer number adds up.

Comics, graphic novels, and manga

Tintin comics (NBS bargain bin). I actually have them, so I bought for a friend.

Zodiac PI (NBS bargain bin), because I loved Kitchen Princess so much

Metamo Kiss (NBS bargain bin) – Funny story, overheard a teenybopper
excitedly telling her friends about it so I grabbed a copy.

Squee! Graphic novel! (NBS bargain bin)

Alan Moore sampler – 50% off! (PSICOM)

and my absolute favorite:

Studio Ghibli postcard book! Squee! Squee! (MegaViz)

Picture books (Awesome stuff for my collection!)

Lane Smith’s It’s a Book (NBS bargain bin) — OMG, this book has been on my wishlist
ever since it was released.

Fancy Nancy (NBS bargain bin), because I love paper dolls!

Not completely sure I don’t have this yet. But just in case. (NBS bargain bin)

 Was completely sold on this (NBS bargain bin)

The bronies are recruiting me. Might as well. (NBS bargain bin)

Very pretty watercolors! (NBS bargain bin)

Had to get this — it’s the first time I saw a pop-up Roald Dahl + Quentin Blake.
Don’t ask how much. But got it 20% off! :D


I don’t have this Peter Mayle yet (NBS bargain bin)

“Doing a Blooey” (a.k.a “upgrading”) on my paperback (NBS bargain bin)

I still have another bag at home that I forgot to take pictures of — stuff from Tahanan. Also bought a staggeringly heavy bunch of books from A-Z Direct this afternoon.

I haven’t gotten my annual stash of locally published books yet, mainly because there are more signings over the weekend. I also have my eye on more specially-priced books. And yes, the bargain bins of NBS keep replenished. Work calls now, but the weekend awaits. Will show you the rest of my MIBF loot in another post, hopefully not too many more!

See you at the MIBF this weekend!