I just came home from a planning meeting with Scholastic Philippines and NWA for the Mockingjay launch and was distressed by the news that someone has already gotten ahold of a bootleg copy!

Grrr. I just have to vent. HG fans all over the world are in an uproar, and I am itching to do some bodily harm to that evil schmeevil slimeball. Grrrrr. It’s bad enough that he got his paws on it, but he just had to gloat about it on the internet. Despicable! Utterly despicable! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. May a thousand trackerjackers attack you, and if you post any spoilers, may the muttations chomp on your flesh and may President Snow breathe heavily on your neck forever.

Aaaanyway, the Mockingjay launch on the 29th (a collaboration between Flips Flipping Pages, New Worlds Alliance, Scholastic Philippines, and National Book Store) is shaping up to be an awesome event, will have the poster and full event details next week.

Reservations for Mockingjay will be accepted at National Book Store branches until tomorrow:

Apparently, according to Scholastic, Mockingjay has already broken reservation records previously set by Harry Potter. Don’t worry about running out of shirts though, there will be enough to go around!

Meanwhile, I join the rest of the law-abiding HG fans in counting the days til Mockingjay is officially released. I finished rereading Hunger Games this morning, and am halfway through Catching Fire. I’m taking this Suzanne Collins marathon to heart — I also finished Gregor the Overlander yesterday and will read books 2 and 3 of the Underland Chronicles next week.

11 more days!!!!