Outrageous — the Mockingjay Leak!

I just came home from a planning meeting with Scholastic Philippines and NWA for the Mockingjay launch and was distressed by the news that someone has already gotten ahold of a bootleg copy!

Grrr. I just have to vent. HG fans all over the world are in an uproar, and I am itching to do some bodily harm to that evil schmeevil slimeball. Grrrrr. It’s bad enough that he got his paws on it, but he just had to gloat about it on the internet. Despicable! Utterly despicable! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. May a thousand trackerjackers attack you, and if you post any spoilers, may the muttations chomp on your flesh and may President Snow breathe heavily on your neck forever.

Aaaanyway, the Mockingjay launch on the 29th (a collaboration between Flips Flipping Pages, New Worlds Alliance, Scholastic Philippines, and National Book Store) is shaping up to be an awesome event, will have the poster and full event details next week.

Reservations for Mockingjay will be accepted at National Book Store branches until tomorrow:

Apparently, according to Scholastic, Mockingjay has already broken reservation records previously set by Harry Potter. Don’t worry about running out of shirts though, there will be enough to go around!

Meanwhile, I join the rest of the law-abiding HG fans in counting the days til Mockingjay is officially released. I finished rereading Hunger Games this morning, and am halfway through Catching Fire. I’m taking this Suzanne Collins marathon to heart — I also finished Gregor the Overlander yesterday and will read books 2 and 3 of the Underland Chronicles next week.

11 more days!!!!

17 thoughts on “Outrageous — the Mockingjay Leak!”

  1. agh..kakainis naman..
    well, i don’t say no to the occasional (lang bah? hehe) pirated copy but it’s super bad when you’ve been wanting to read something tapos ganyan lang..kakainis talaga..matiris nga..

    1. when thousands of people around the world are waiting to read the book you’d have to be a first class (insert something not printable here) to rub it in their faces that you’ve acquired a copy through some underhanded means and have started reading it eleven days before all the rest of them do!

  2. haaay..the nerve of some people..he literally took the “mocking” part of the “mockingjay” title and threw it on our faces..hope someone gets hold of the book and shove it down the bastard’s throat!
    (oops..sorry about the language)

  3. Outrageous it is! I read his tweet/saw the twitpic a day after he posted it. I was seething ever since!

    And then he goes on to say, “I don’t really have any comment and honestly I’m just hoping for it to pass. I didn’t expect it to get such a reaction!”

    Whaaaat?! Only an idiot or, like you said, a “first-class *toot*” would think that. You have a copy of the most coveted book this year, which is under a strict embargo, get it 2 weeks before its release, and then you post it on your Twitter and you really don’t think anyone would react so violently?!?! And he also posted that he knew people would be excited, but did not expect a reaction outside his followers. ??? He has 10k followers! He honestly didn’t think the news would spread ever so quickly outside his followers and would elicit a storm of protest and indignation…OUTSIDE his followers?!?! GRRR…

    Hayyy. End rant. Enough question marks and exclamation points. Haha. :)

    Basta he says he assured Scholastic daw that he wouldn’t leak anything. Fine. Pero what he did was still a *toot* thing to do, whether intended or not.

    Oh well. Basta once it’s released, I’m going offline (just in case someone posts spoilers) and I’m gonna have a Mockingjay marathon! :)

  4. Bad trip nman yun. Same thing nun nag leak yun DEathly Hallows. Papareserve din ako today para ma avail ko yun shirt… Gusto ko din sumali sa book discussion nyo.

  5. @Blooey: Baka sa Divi merong trackerjackers. At discount price pa. Hehehe

    Buti nakaabot ako kahapon sa pagpapa-reserve. Am excited to read The Mockingjay and wear the shirt. Hehe

  6. I never knew that the Hunger Games trilogy was this big to break Harry Potter records! Okay, I’ll definitely be getting them now. Crap I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

    OMG Andrew Sims was the fan to get a copy? Man to think that the Mugglenet admin would have thought better than to tweet it, I mean what happened with Deathly Hallows and all. Tsk tsk!

    1. It was Harry Potter, though, that proved that it was possible to build so much anticipation for a book release :)

  7. NWA is involved with a launch of Mockingjay? why is this the first time i’m hearing of this? … granted, i haven’t been an active member of NWA for a while now but–

    oh well.

    can’t wait for the Hunger Games trilogy to end. =)

    1. Yup, I’ll actually be co-moderating the discussion with Meann of NWA.

      I think the details are posted on the NWA site already :)

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