Suzanne Collins meets the Flippers!

Remember a few months back  when I blogged about our book club Flips Flipping Pages sending a gift to Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins

Thanks to our friends from Scholastic, we were able to send Suzanne Collins a miniature Philippine flag and a photo from our April Hunger Games book discussion.

But wait — the story doesn’t end there! I opened my email today and found this awesome photo in my inbox:

This is so totally awesome!!! I’ve had this photo in my inbox for a full day now and I still can’t get over it! Hahaha, I picked out the flag and bundled the package myself!

Thank you to Ms. Enoy Ferriol of Scholastic Philippines for transporting our gift and presenting it to Suzanne Collins. And thank you to Ms. Joyce Bautista and Ms. Roselle Masirag of Scholastic Philippines for giving the Flippers the chance to put together a token of our appreciation for Suzanne Collins.

The fandom doesn’t end there for the Flippers, however! Flips Flipping Pages, together with New Worlds Alliance, will join the Mockingjay launch mounted by Scholastic Philippines and National Book Store. That’s on August 29, 1-5 pm at NBS Bestsellers at Robinson’s Galleria — there will be a book trailer presentation, a book discussion, a Live Action Role Play, a photo booth, Cinna’s Corner (tattoo booth), a “Which HG Character Are You” online quiz, a Haymitch Bar (yum!), and other activities to celebrate the release of Mockingjay and Hunger Games fandom! Squee!

You can sign up for the event at the Flips Flipping Pages discussion thread, or holler out here on my blog! Check back around next week, and I’ll have more details posted on the event.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll have this photo printed and framed!

29 thoughts on “Suzanne Collins meets the Flippers!”

  1. WOW. Yeah. That about sums it all up. Embarrassingly, I haven’t started on the Hunger Games trilogy. *hides*

    *checks whether it’s safe to come out yet, decides it is* But this here is what I call a clincher. Again: WOW.

    If this is the kind of cool stuff Flippers are wont to do, I might be joining you on Shelfari (currently on Goodreads only) pretty soon. Awesome job, Blooey! :D

    1. Hunger Games and Catching Fire are among my best reads from last year. I’m rereading them this weekend in preparation for Mockingjay :D Haha, will be co-moderating the discussion on the 29th as well.

      Hey Aldrin, you’re very much welcome to join us over at FFP! We have a face to face book discussion every month, but every so often the Flippers also go out for fun — book hunting, warehouse raids, trivia quizzes, food trips, and other outings. One time a bunch of us went to Sagada and found ourselves inside a cave for seven crazy hours! We’re nearing our third year now and I still look forward to FFP Saturdays :)

  2. awesome pic, blooey! FFP rules! :)
    i’m feeling really bad now we weren’t able to make it to the april discussion. so we’ll make it a point to join on august 29. see you then! :)

  3. By the way, the event is open to everyone who wants to attend and celebrate the release of Mockingjay with us! :)

    1. Sayang Honey!!! But you were there at the discussion weren’t you?

      I hope the Goodreads people go, too, that will be even more fun! :)

  4. That is so cool. :D

    I posted the event on our Goodreads group — I know a lot of people from our group would love to celebrate Mockingjay’s release. :)

    1. You’re all welcome to join us Tina!

      If you’d like to field a LARP team, we can give up some of the FFP slots. Just let me know.

  5. Aww dang! :( Too bad i won’t be here already! I’ll probably join a book discussion next year when I get back! :D That is so awesome!!!! Have you sent photos to other authors in the past before? I still want a mention from J.K. Rowling! haha XD

    I have yet to read Hunger Games, is it really worth the read? It reminds me of Lord of the Flies + Battle Royale in one XD

    1. Hehe, JKR is the next target :D (still praying for this one! waaah!)

      I really loved Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I read both Battle Royale and Lord of the Flies earlier this year, and I enjoyed them both. There are similar themes across them, but that didn’t take away any of my enjoyment of Suzanne Collins’ works.

  6. REALLY?? OMG do tell when you’re going to mail J.K. something! I’d love to contribute if ever! OMG!! *dies*

    Haha thanks for recommending! I’ll definitely put it on my wish list :D I was only able to read the Battle Royale manga and watch the movie. Haha!

  7. Tina already announced it in the Shout Outs thread in the Filipinos Goodreads group but I created a new thread just in case so more people will see it. :) If nothing big comes up, I’ll be there! I hope other Goodreads members make it as well.

    1. Thanks Chachic! Please give me a headcount update from your group just so we know who’s coming. See you guys there!

  8. Hey, Bloo..that’s so cool..I’m sure you’re still staring at the photo..hehehe
    Umm..kelan nga ulit ire-release ang Mockingjay sa Philippines? Simultaneous ba yan sa lahat ng NBS branches? ^_^

  9. Bloo, Oh my timing is really bad! Ive been in Manila/Tagaytay for a week (Aug 9-13). I’ve read HG and Catching Fire in April and really regretted missing the discussion and the activity. I hope next time my luck will change.

  10. Suzanne, could you PLEASE write a sixth installment of Gregor the Overlander. I did not enjoy the endings of either of your series, but I cannot abide the way you left The Code of Claw. I have resorted to fanfictions, but your style of writing is lacking. Please!

    1. I think a lot of people will agree with you, J, even though I did like the endings of both series. I guess part of it comes from our reluctance to let go of the characters we’ve come to love

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