The Pigeon (Patrick Suskind)

I’m a big fan of Patrick Suskind’s novel Perfume, and I never thought I’d come across another one of his works, until I got a notification from my Bookmooch account that a copy of his novella, The Pigeon, was available for mooching. It turns out another local moocher (and a reader of this blog!), Iya, had just put up a copy in her inventory, and I wasted no time mooching it (Thank you Iya!!!).

Suskind is one of the most interesting [living] authors I’ve encountered — there is very little information about him available; he has shunned the literary scene, and he doesn’t grant interviews or allow photos of himself to be taken.

Perfume is Suskind’s best known work, but has also written the bestselling play Double Bass; the novellas The Pigeon, The Story of Mr. Sommer, and Three Stories and a Reflection; as well as a 2006 essay collection entitled On Love and Death.

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Bookish weekend ahead

A great weekend is coming up, with two major events for book lovers.

First up, of course, is the Flips Flipping Pages September book discussion on Patrick Suskind’s Perfume, which I’m moderating.

perfume2 copy

We’d love to have you join us, whether you’re already a Flipper or not!

Meanwhile, another bookish event is happening over at Powerbooks Megamall…

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Coming up: “Perfume” (FFP September book discussion)

I’ll be moderating this month’s discussion for Flips Flipping Pages.


Discussion thread for the event here.

If you’re not a Flipper (yet) and would like to join us this month, just comment below! :)

See you!