Bookish weekend ahead

A great weekend is coming up, with two major events for book lovers.

First up, of course, is the Flips Flipping Pages September book discussion on Patrick Suskind’s Perfume, which I’m moderating.

perfume2 copy

We’d love to have you join us, whether you’re already a Flipper or not!

Meanwhile, another bookish event is happening over at Powerbooks Megamall…

Ideas Alive!

Organized by Philippine Star’s Jan Ong, featuring one of my favorite INKies Jomike Tejido, as well as Trese’s Budjette Tan.

Philippine Star’s Supreme and Powerbooks make your ideas come alive! on Saturday September 26 at 3-5 p.m in in Powerbooks Megamall. Meet popular comic creators Jomike Tejido (K-Zone’s Foldabots/Robotars) and Budjette Tan (Trese). They will share how their creations and your ideas don’t need to just stick to being only a comic book or toy. They can come alive in T.V, costumes, stories, plays, fan art etc. The possibilities for your idea to travel are infinite now! After, there will be a creation workshop by the speakers. Jomike will teach you how to make your own paper toy creature and Budjette will share some storytelling tips. The first attendees get free Foldabots Jack and Jill Chocolate Pretzels. See you and your ideas this Saturday!

Here are the event posters — real beauties!

The Trese poster
the Trese poster
the Foldabots/ Robotars poster
the Foldabots/ Robotars poster
More of the Hunger Games fever!


Ohhh… and here’s something to think about this weekend: The New Worlds Alliance just launched a multimedia review contest for The Hunger Games!


All you have to do is send in a creative (essay, illustrated essay, audio, video, or any multimedia format) review of The Hunger Games and you get a chance to win a copy of The Hunger Games signed by Suzanne Collins (aieeee!), The Underland Chronicles (books 1 to 5) (aieeee!) and a Hunger Games shirt!

Full mechanics here.

It’s the signed copy that really gets to me… Hahaha, I haven’t joined a contest like this since the Harry Potter diorama contest on the Half Blood Prince launch (and my paper mache Hungarian horntail won, by the way!) and I really want to join.

Will brainstorm this weekend… Hopefully I have enough time until October 30 to come up with an entry!

7 thoughts on “Bookish weekend ahead”

  1. Thanks Peter. We’ll miss you on Saturday.

    I’ve actually never (physically) seen a copy of that Penguin. There have been a lot of editions since 1985, and in the last few years there was a string of new editions (movie covers, new issues, etc.). I have one (Penguin too, I think) mass market paperback I can’t find a photo of, it has a nose on the cover, and in the title, the R is out of line, as if it was being sniffed up.

  2. Great poster! (I love cool covers and posters..hehe)
    Sayang nga lang I wasn’t there to join the discussion. :(

    The foldable robots are cute, too. Reminds of the ready-mech toys! ^_^

  3. Hi, Blooey! I know this book discussion on Perfume never pushed through because of that awful flood. What a disaster for everyone in Manila. My in-laws all incurred a lot of damages in property but at least, they are ok. Just wanted to ask how you are. Hope this finds you very well and problem-free.

    1. Hi Jo- Surface damage, but we’re safe. Haven’t blogged all week as I was out of the country… Will have a new post by tonight.

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