8 thoughts on “Coming up: “Perfume” (FFP September book discussion)”

  1. That is an awesome book. You’ll have definite fun reading that for the book discussion. How did you guys decide to choose this book for the discussion?

  2. I’m still marked as “Maybe” for that. There’s an event on the 26th, and I’ll be most likely attending that to help out. (Eh it’s in Tondo, so I’m not yet sure.)

    Also, I’ve yet to get a copy of “Perfume”! I saw it at NBS in Power Plant. I should drop by to get a copy soon!

  3. i miss. i’ve only been to one book discussion and even though i didn’t have much to say, i really enjoyed it. i’ll definitely check this book out. :D

  4. Hi Blooey!
    I have classes every Saturday at 2pm, but I’d love to join you at that perfume-making seminar. :) Could I just attend that seminar? I’d love to meet you guys.

    Could I also ask for your cell number just in case I get lost or something, hahaha :) Mine is 09064951044.
    Thanks in advance! :)

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