HP Giveaway winners!

I once joined a Harry Potter contest myself — it was a diorama contest for the launch of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and my entry — a papier mache diorama (that took me two weeks to make!) of the first task in the Triwizard Tournament — Harry and the Hungarian Horntail.

I was not supposed to join the contest, but Dianne talked me into it because she planned to submit an entry too. So in a panicky fit, I started making mine, and just when I was halfway through, Dianne tells me she can’t go through with her entry and I was too far in to quit!

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Harry Potter giveaway!

I hope there are Harry Potter fans reading my blog, because I’m giving away a couple of authentic Harry Potter plushie keychains!

I’m not watching the upcoming movie — long story, let’s just say I have major issues with the films that prevent me from enjoying them — but I know half the world is looking forward to seeing it, so I’ll join the fanfare anyway.

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