HP Giveaway winners!

I once joined a Harry Potter contest myself — it was a diorama contest for the launch of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and my entry — a papier mache diorama (that took me two weeks to make!) of the first task in the Triwizard Tournament — Harry and the Hungarian Horntail.

I was not supposed to join the contest, but Dianne talked me into it because she planned to submit an entry too. So in a panicky fit, I started making mine, and just when I was halfway through, Dianne tells me she can’t go through with her entry and I was too far in to quit!

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A bunch of bookmarks


I never dog-ear pages — it destroys the fibers of the page — but I rarely go out of my way to buy bookmarks because I tend to forget them inside the book I’m reading. I have a small pile of freebie bookmarks, too — my sister collects for me from various counters in Singapore, I get a lot of bookmarks from the annual Manila International Book Fair, and a lot of BookMoochers send bookmarks too (aside from the official Bookmooch bookmarks)

When I don’t have a bookmark on hand, I can pretty much use anything thin enough to slip in between the pages — a tissue, an old receipt, clothing labels, or I commit the page number to memory, so I really don’t need to buy bookmarks.

Once I interviewed someone for an article I was writing, and I completely forgot that I used his business card as a bookmark! I’d turned my bag inside out, and rifled through my work desk looking for it because I needed to get back to the person I interviewed, and it wasn’t until a couple of nights later that I remembered I had tucked it inside the last book I finished. Hehe. After that, I’ve been careful not to use  business cards (or cheques) as bookmarks.

On a visit to one of my favorite book sale branches last week, I chanced upon some great bookmarks at really great prices, and I couldn’t resist getting some.  I ended up buying two books (for mooching, none for me) and a whole bag of assorted bookmarks!

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