#Filreadercon 2015 recap


Hello, December!

We just wrapped up the 5th Filipino Reader Conference this weekend, and it’s been such an exhilarating experience. I’ve been a volunteer for the ReaderCon since its inception, and it’s a lot of hard work that stretches out for months, but like the rest of the people behind this annual event, I’m happy to make the effort to empower the Filipino reader.

This ReaderCon was busier than usual for me as I was part of a panel in the morning and was involved in preparations both for the Flips Flipping Pages book discussion and the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards in the afternoon (where is a time turner / vortex manipulator / TARDIS when you need one?!?), so I’ll be linking a lot of stuff to this post to give you a better recap of the event.

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Countdown: ReaderCon 2015


I thought things were going to wind down for me by November, but it’s been busy as ever, especially as we’ve been getting ready for the upcoming Filipino Reader Conference.

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Vote now for the #FRCA2014


I’m finally back in action after spending the last few weeks in overtime (August was just crayyyyy), and I’m knuckling down to update the blog in this lull before my annual reportage of the Manila International Book Fair sets in mid-September.

Because I have an interview with Alex London in the morning a few hours, so I’ll leave this announcement here for now (*drumroll please*): Public voting is currently ongoing for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA).


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Winners: 2013 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards


Yesterday at the Filipino Readercon, we unveiled the winners for the 2013 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, honoring 2012 titles that engaged the Filipino reading public.

It’s the second year that we’ve executed the awards, and as chair of the organizing committee, I can say that it’s been a constant learning experience. Even as we worked double time to address the setbacks we encountered the first year, new challenges were constantly presented to us, and it’s no small feat, but ultimately, it has been so rewarding.

Not only have we seen the FRCA seal on the covers of last year’s winning titles; we’ve also received over 8,000 responses during our public voting phase, signifying the growing support of both the book industry and the reading public. The FRCA (and of course, the Filipino ReaderCon) was created precisely for that purpose. It is an exercise in discovering who the Filipino reader is, to establish that yes, there is a Filipino reader, that Filipinos do read, and that we Filipino readers would like to make our voice heard in the Philippine book industry — to complete the cycle, so to speak.

Again, a big thank you to all those who made another year of the FRCA possible: our judges, who took time to read the finalist works and deliberate the results of each category; the publishers, who provided generously provided review copies of their books for our judges; and of course, all the Filipino readers who actively participated in the process.

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Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards set for 2013


And we’re off to an early start for 2013!

The Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards returns for its second straight year, engaging the Filipino reading public in honoring their favorite Philippine-published titles.

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