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I’m finally back in action after spending the last few weeks in overtime (August was just crayyyyy), and I’m knuckling down to update the blog in this lull before my annual reportage of the Manila International Book Fair sets in mid-September.

Because I have an interview with Alex London in the morning a few hours, so I’ll leave this announcement here for now (*drumroll please*): Public voting is currently ongoing for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA).



The final list of nominees can be found on the Filipino ReaderCon website: and the official ballot is up on Survey Gizmo:

Just a few reminders for the ballot:

  • One vote per category, ONE BALLOT PER EMAIL ADDRESS. Multiple votes using one email address will not be counted.
  • You need to click one button per category for your vote to be submitted. If you have no vote for a specific category, you may select the “Skip” button.
  • The ballot has 8 pages, so make sure you go through all of them. Your vote is not submitted until you click the Submit button and get to the confirmation page.

The figures we’ve been getting are quite incredible so far — we’ll reveal them all in due time, but yeah, our little committee (which now has a grand total of five members after we brought in some reinforcements in the last few weeks) is totally bowled over.

Partial and unofficial results (after one week of voting) are here: — and we should have Week 2 results up over the weekend (give us time to crunch the numbers!).

Interested in judging? We still have spots to fill. Do send an email to if you are interested so we can take you under consideration.

It’s our third year mounting the FRCA for the Filipino ReaderCon, and while it’s always been challenging, I have to say that this year has been the toughest for our committee yet, as the awards are bigger than ever, with more categories and greater participation from readers all across the country and beyond. It’s a happy problem, but it means more work for us: setting up the mechanisms for the awards, wading through hundreds of nominees and verifying them, monitoring the influx of votes, filling in all the spots for judging and so on, but do trust that the committee is doing its best to pull this off.

We wish the best of luck to all the nominees, and we’ll see you on Sept. 18th for the announcement of finalists as we kick off the Filipino ReaderCon at the Manila International Book Fair.

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