The Cricket in Times Square

I’ve been seeing The Cricket in Times Square ever since the librarians let me sneak into in the “big library” when I was in first grade (the primary levels in our school used to have a separate kiddie library), but somehow I never got to read it, not until I found the audio book at the bargain bookstore.

I can’t listen to an audiobook without having read the book first, because my attention tends to drift away after a while, and I end up tuning out the sound. I wanted to listen to the Cricket audiobook because the box said it was narrated by Tony Shalhoub, so I dug out the wornncopy of the book I had lying around in Planet TBR and decided it was finally time to give it a shot.

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The Joy Luck Club

I was fourteen when I first read Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club, which was required reading for our Afro-Asian Literature class in sophomore year in high school . I remember reading the book, watching the film in class, and then writing a paper analyzing the tenets of Confucianism and Taoism as applied to the stories in the book.

I had to dig out my yellowed copy of Joy Luck Club last month, because our book club was scheduled to read it in time for a discussion that was synced with Repertory Philippines’ staging of the theatrical adaptation.

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