Last Friday night…

Quick post!

I just wanted to share: my book club, Flips Flipping Pages, kicked off the year with, of all things, a bowling tourney! Hahaha, I haven’t gone bowling in about seven years, but well, Flippers are always great company, so non-existent bowling skills aside, I went along anyway.

I was muddling through well enough (read: totally faking it), even hitting a bunch of strikes, right until the very heated final round when I was the last in the lineup and victory was on the line. I pulled off the biggest choker of the night and we ended up losing by a heartbreakingly tiny margin. Sigh.

Nevertheless, it was the best fun I’ve ever had on a bowling alley, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last FFP bowling tourney.

All smiles!

I love FFP! My social calendar has never been so full, what with book discussions, book shopping expeditions, warehouse raids, readathons, food trips, trivia nights, and even the odd spelunking and other madcap plans, and even the spontaneous help-I’m-wigging-out-in-this-work-week-let’s-just-chill kind of thing, and we always end up laughing hysterically into the wee hours of morning.

2012 marks our fifth year as a book club, and it’s shaping up to be another great year with the Flippers. On Saturday, we’re reading with the ATD kids at Museo Pambata and having our first book discussion of the year! Awesome awesome.

Join the fun, join Flips Flipping Pages! Everyone’s welcome.


Thank you, Peter for the bowling photos!

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