The first FFP 24 Hour Readathon!


Finally, it’s official! Flips Flipping Pages is hosting the first official 24 Hour Readathon event in the Philippines!

The 24 Hour Readathon is an international blogging event mounted in memory of Dewey, a blogger and a reader who started the event in October 2007. Dewey passed away in November 2008, and the 24-hour read-a-thon is continued by those who’ve helped Dewey organize the past read-a-thons, and hundreds of book bloggers in the world. Basically, the concept is to read as much as you can for 24 hours.

A bunch of us Flippers have been joining the 24 Hour Readathon for a couple of years now, and we thought about reading together in a single venue so we could encourage one another to go all the way around the clock. Hence it is now an official FFP event!


The event is open to everyone — Flippers or non Flippers alike! All you have to do is sign up at the official FFP 24-Hour Readathon blog, whether you’ll be physically present or participating online. Those who are joining us at Libreria bookstore are in for a treat though; we’ll have coffee and food round the clock, and lots of mini-activities — I’m planning on hosting a lightning round trivia game every three hours or so!

We’re actually doing it a day in advance, as the Friday-Saturday sched works better for us in this time zone. And as we end our readathon, here, the international event kicks off, and we can all cheer the readathoners on during our last hour as they begin reading. So if you’re not based in the Philippines and you want to join the 24 Hour Readathon, you can sign up for it at the official 24 Hour Readathon site.

I’m really excited for this! This is the first time I’m attempting to stay awake for the full duration of the Readathon. I’m still mapping out my reading plan; I’ll post it here when I have it figured out.

Meanwhile, for the full details of the FFP 24 Hour Readathon, head on to the official blog. Do sign up and join us at the Readathon — the more, the merrier!

15 thoughts on “The first FFP 24 Hour Readathon!”

  1. Thanks for the invite, Bloo! Sana I can join kaso I can’t be there in Manila. But I’ll try to read as much as I can on the 26th. Good luck sa inyong lahat on Saturday. Have fun, you guys! ^_^

    1. You can join all the way from Cebu. One of the event admins will be online at any given time, so the blog will be updated :) It’s on April 8-9, not this Saturday :)

    1. Yay! Short reads of different genres or themes are best, in my experience. I’ll have a Rough guide to the Readathon post up soon :)

  2. oooooh! i’d love to join in! but I might only get to finish one book, or 1 1/2 if i’m lucky! i’m a very, very slow reader…. eeek! i’d like to join!

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