Readathon: The Plan

Tomorrow marks the first FFP 24 Hour Readathon and a bunch of us are holing up at Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X to read together!

This week has been crazy, schedule-wise; this is the only free evening I’ve gotten all week, so I’m cramming my Readathon prep.

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The back-up plan

Raaats, my internet at home has been down for three days. And in three days, I’ve finally finished the new Thursday Next novel (you’ll read the review soon enough), whipped up a batch of pesto that will probably tide me over until Easter (ahh, long story), made a lot of bookmarks (I had a lot of spare time), watched the quake coverage on CNN and NHK (oh, my heart breaks for Japan!), and finally watched a bunch of movies that I’ve been meaning to watch for months.

But not being able to blog makes me antsy, and I didn’t want a repeat of the stress I went through during that nasty plugin incident. I’m not sure when our internet service will get restored, seeing as my mom is getting our landline changed¬† and it’s currently out of commission (sheesh, you never know how useful a landline phone is until it’s gone) until the new one gets set up.
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Bookmarked! makes a cameo

A few  weeks ago, I got an email from a reader inquiring if I would be interested to review her new chick lit novel, Confessions of a Call Center Gal, which was released on Amazon this month.

I told Lisa (whom, by the way, I have never met or made any contact with before) that I was okay with an electronic review copy to load on my Nook. I remember downloading the file from her email message and I remember confirming the receipt and telling her I’d read the book within the next couple of weeks.

Fast forward a bit. So I’ve been reading the novel, and today, at lunch, I was halfway through the book when my eyes virtually popped out of their sockets and I nearly (nearly!) dropped my Nook — I couldn’t believe what I was reading!

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So glad to be back!

*Insert triumphant whoop here*

And I’m back. Finally. And with that comes a huge sigh of relief.

You might have been wondering why there have been no updates for several days now — it’s because funky things were happening under the hood. The site did not go under (if you had seen it, it appeared to be up and running, and I even got comments on the posts), but I was actually locked out of the site for the past week!

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Best and Worst

And I’m back! Finally, order has been restored in my little corner of the world. I apologize for the sporadic blogging — the year had a crazy start: I’ve been battling with a bad allergy for over a month (subsiding now, thank goodness, after a small fortune spent at the drugstore and a huge pile of specialized creams and beauty products); one of my biggest campaigns kicked off at work; and the family marked a major event: my 48-year old uncle’s wedding!

I feel like the year is just beginning on my blog (and technically, it is…), so here’s a recap of my best and worst reads for 2010:

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