Bookish Christmas

Happy Christmas, book lovers! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your loved ones.

Mine’s especially bookish this year. I didn’t have time to put up a tree (remember last year’s HP Christmas tree?), but a friend (thanks, Carl!) got me an ornament tree so I put it to good use on top of one of my bookshelves — I’ve always wanted a Nutcracker Christmas tree!

Santa brought me lots of bookish presents, too. Lookee!

bookmarks from Flippers Shani and Sana

bookish notecards from my boss

picture books from the FFP Kris Kringle — thanks so much for the stash, Marie,
and to think you found my list challenging! :)

spare Mighty Bright, also from Marie

The Bookstore Mouse, from Iya

A host of signed copies from National Book Store (thank you, NBS!) : Modelland by Tyra Banks,
Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick, and One Summer by David Baldacci

The stash from Scholastic: stamped copy of Mockingjay, and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Check out Scholastic’s 2012 calendar — it showcases art by some of my favorite illustrators:

Clockwise from top left: Barbara McClintock, John J. Muth, Mary Grandpre and David Shannon

… and, this is totally squee-worthy:

SQUEE! I get goosebumps every time I touch the bookplate. I’m getting it framed. Haha!
Thank you Scholastic!

And equally squee-worthy is a present from Sir Miguel (Ramos) of National Book Store, which I was reluctant to open because of the very pretty wrapper (Prongs!), but of course, I opened it, with matching gasp…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, SIGNED BY ERIC CARLE! SQUEEEEE!
Thank you Sir Miguel and National Book Store!

Finally, my Christmas gift to myself (aside from my new compact camera, that is!):

Christmas isn’t over yet, though. I have some goodies to share — watch out for the giveaways in the coming week! :)

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays, and to borrow Tiny Tim’s words: God bless us every one!

16 thoughts on “Bookish Christmas”

  1. Cool gifts! Signed copies <3

    I still haven't gotten myself a gift yet, but I'm thinking of getting a Nook, but I'll probably just stick to a pocket hd cam or a new point and shoot.

    1. I agree — signed copies <3

      I finally replaced my camera with a smaller compact, as I realized I mainly used my camera for blogging :)

  2. Oooh are those bookish postcards? Wonder where your boss got them. :P I got Forever from Scholastic Philippines as well.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Blooey! Happy Holidays. :)

  3. I’m jealous, I want to own one of those toys last Christmas (?). Kidding. O G, how did Tyra publish a book? Don’t mind me but is that book written for those teens who wish to become a model?! Even though, they knew that they can’t be like those models who hanged in nearby billboard. Bad Kwesi! Merry Christmas Bloo!

  4. WONDERFUL Christmas presents! Man love the nutcracker themed tree! hahaha. And SIGNED COPIES O_O!! I’d die to get some signed copies by my fave authors! Do you happen to know if there are any authors coming to the Philippines? Or where to get info? I recall someone famous is coming… OMG is it Fables? Wait no… oh dear me!

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