Harry Holidays!

This is one of the reasons I’ve been so busy this season: the Harry Potter Christmas tree!

I wanted a bookish Christmas tree this year so I ended up putting it up myself. And then I had my heart set on a Harry Potter theme, so I drove myself crazy searching for ornaments and even making some of it myself!

It’s been a photo-finish job (I crammed most of it in the last couple of weeks, mostly when my mom was in Singapore, and to her credit, she did not bat an eyelash at my pagan tree!), but it was a lot of fun putting it together!

Here it is, in pictures:

The Harry Potter Christmas Tree!

A Fawkes button pin


A Snape plush pin, made by artist friend Pergy

Golden Snitch

Hungarian Horntail


Quidditch trunk

Hedwig — I found the cage so I had to make an owl!

Harry specs

Sorting hat

Sir Cadogan


Peeves goofing around in a suit of armor

Time turner

Tom Riddle’s diary


Harry, also by Pergy

And another Harry

HP treetopper!


22 thoughts on “Harry Holidays!”

    1. :D The original Harry Potter stuff are from my collection; then some stuff I found around various toy stores and bargain shops. The Hedwig, the HP tree-topper, and Tom Riddle’s Diary I made myself.

  1. Wow!! Awesome! I’m going to convince my parents to put up a Harry Potter christmas tree next year. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your idea, though. :)

    Merry Christmas, Blooey!

  2. Hi. Not sure if you already have a set of Harry Potter sorcerer’s stone magnets. If not, they are available fat Mindwerks 2/F Cash and Carry. Its 100pesos for a set of 4 magnets — Bertie’s every flavor beans, platform 9 3/4, flying key, and the snitch.

  3. I don’t know which is creepier… the Harry Christmas tree or the fact that we have the exact same bookshelf. Haha!

    But yeah, you outdid yourself with this clever idea blooey. :D

    1. This is actually my mom’s bookshelf, with the cookbooks and her romantic thrillers.

      But I have one just like it upstairs, for my picture books.

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