Reading Rampaaaaage! (Part III)

(Continuation. Click for Part I and Part II)

So the Flippers started arriving, and nobody was owning up to their bookish alter ego, as part of the activities was a guessing game of who could name the most characters in the party. We had our scrumptious buffet and our traditional gift-giving, and after we had submitted our finally came to the highlight of the program: the costume competition!

Each Flipper had to  “model” their character down the aisle, get up on the platform and introduce their character. See what the Flippers dressed up as!

Peter and Rhett as Tweedledum and Tweedledee from “Alice in Wonderland”
Joko, one of our hosts, as Tiger Lily from “Peter Pan”

Marge as Allie from “The Notebook”

Welski as Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”

Ling as Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby”

Gege as Alexandra Trese and Kambal (Anne + Paolo) from Trese Komix

Paolo as Harry Potter

Winterfeeeeeell! That’s me as Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones,”
with Patrick as Nymeria

Sheila as Narcissa Malfoy from “Harry Potter”

Marie as Eliza Bennet from “Pride and Prejudice”

Fredda as Juliette from Marquis de Sade’s “Juliette”

Jan as Becky Bloomwood from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

Iya as Lisbeth Salander from “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”

Dianne as Scipio from “The Thief Lord”

Lia and Honey as Death from “Sandman”

Sana as Constance Contraire from “The Mysterious Benedict Society”

Shani as Susan Sto Helit from the Discworld series

Czar as Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

Ajie as V from V for Vendetta

We were judged by multi-awarded illustrator and designer Robert Alejandro, Tahanan Books’ Frances Ong, and Powerbooks store manager Ms. Jenny Garcia

While waiting for the results, Dianne and I hosted the (also traditional) trivia game

The finalists, based on the judges’ ranking had to face off in *groan* a beauty contest based on the book for the month,The Little Prince.

Here are the results of the awarding ceremony: Gege won the overall pageant and was crowned “Little Princess” and she also won Female Flipper of the Year. Iya, of course, was Bookworm of the Year at around 250 books (after she wins hall of fame next year, I am aiming for that award!). Peter was once again Male Flipper of the Year (another possible hall of famer next year), while  Fredda won the “Russian Novel Award” because no one could figure out her costume. Marie took home the “Oprah’s Book Club Award” (Judges’ Choice for best in costume) for her costume Meanwhile, I ended up with three awards: the “Thursday Next Award” or the Geeky Flipper award, as I correctly identified the most characters who came to the party; the “Canon Award,” which is 2nd place in the Judges’ Choice for best in costume, and the “Bestseller Award,” which is the Flippers’ choice for best in costume.

We also had an awesome raffle that got us all loaded down with bookish loot!

The FFP Christmas Party keeps getting bigger and better every year!

We’ve already got a theme for our next Christmas Party, but we’ll keep it under wraps for now. I’m already drawing ideas for my outfit! :D You’ll find out all about it here, of course… next year!


Another big thank you to all our sponsors! “Reading Rampage: A Bookish Ball,” the Flips Flipping Pages 2011 Christmas party, was co-presented with Powerbooks, and sponsored by Tie Me Up Buttercup: Ribbons and More, Tahanan Books, Scholastic, Anvil Publishing, and Hachette Book Group.

Special thanks to Rhett de Jesus for the photos.

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    1. Thanks Chachic! What would be even more awesome is if we can get FFP, the Goodreads Filipino Group and FBB Group all together in one huge party!

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