Up ahead: Bookish November!



(UPDATED) November is the Philippine Book Development Month, and this year, it’s marked by a series of literary events, including “Text in the City,” the Philippine International Literary Festival, set from Nov. 11-15 at different institutions around the city: UST (Nov.11), DLSU (Nov.12), ADMU (Nov.13), UP (Nov.14), and POPtastik Pinoy! at the Ayala Museum (Nov.15); the Komikon 2013 on Nov. 16; the National Book Store Warehouse Sale, and the 3rd Filipino Reader Conference on Nov. 9 Dec. 7 at the Ateneo Rizal Library, and

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The Pinoy Book Drop: Filipino Fridays (3)

And just like that, it’s Friday again! Time for another Filipino Friday, and this week it’s the Pinoy Book Drop.

Basically, the instructions were to leave books for another reader to find, and I’ve dropped five books this week.

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Kids and Books: Filipino Fridays (2)


Here’s one buzzer beater. The way this month is going, I seem to be caught in a temporal loop and it’s always Filipino Friday! It’s a struggle to keep up, but nevertheless a fun way to celebrate with fellow Filipino readers.

I like today’s topic: favorite books while growing up. I started “reading” before I actually knew the words or letters — my mom loves telling people I’ve loved books since I was in diapers, babbling nonsensically while thumbing through pages, and how (being the little weirdo I was) I refused to sleep without a book to hug. Haha. (And she still wonders why my bookshelves are triple-stacked and overflowing!). I’m fortunate to have grown up in a book-reading family and to have studied in schools with excellent reading programs so there was never any lack of reading material for me growing up. There are so many childhood favorites I’ve read and re-read many times, and I’ve featured some of them on this blog already, so here is my list, linked to posts I’ve written about them.

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Reader Species: Filipino Fridays (1)

When I saw the topic for today’s Filipino Fridays, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I’m up to my eyeballs in work these days, but Filipino Fridays is an annual tradition leading up to the Filipino ReaderCon, and it’s always fun to join in.

Today’s Filipino Friday topic is based on Laura E. Kelley’s infographic about Reader Species, and how we would classify ourselves.

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Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards set for 2013


And we’re off to an early start for 2013!

The Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards returns for its second straight year, engaging the Filipino reading public in honoring their favorite Philippine-published titles.

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