Style: Rachel Zoe + Carson Kressley

I’m no fashion savant, but I do like reading pretty fashion books, just to keep myself updated.

Last Christmas, I got two personal style books to give as gifts: Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe with Rose Apodaca, and Off the Cuff: The Guy’s Guide to Looking Good by Carson Kressley. The Rachel Zoe book went to my sister, and the Carson Kressley book to a friend, but of course, before they got wrapped, I could not resist poring into them!

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Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes

This is actually a piece of fluff masquerading as a novel, like I suspected that I never bought it til there were stacks of them on sale at National over the weekend. And for good reason too, now that I think about it. I mean, what kind of book gets marked down to 50 bucks? (Hehe, they marked down citizen girl to P30! I knew it! I knew it was a rotten read. But at least that one had a story, albeit also not a very good one.)

Not much of a storyline, the book drones on and on about the frivolities of high society New York living without going in any particular direction. It’s not even about the subject matter. I can handle a fair amount of brattiness if there was a remote semblance of a story that featured it. I think if the author had been a bit less mediocre she could’ve worked something palatable out of it.

Sigh. There are so many chick lit titles around, but there are good ones, and there are abysmal ones. On that scale, this is almost negligible.

My copy: I had it mooched as fast as I could, haha, a mass market paperback from the NBS bargain bin.

My rating: 1/5 stars