Tolkien Talk

Somehow the bug in the site that has plagued me all day has been fixed by upgrading my wordpress. I hadn’t planned on getting the bug resolved today so I did not prepare a post, but since it’s the peak of summer and I can’t sleep in this sweltering heat I might as well be productive.

This post is about Tolkien; not that I’m a huge fan. I read Th e Hobbit and Lord of the Rings back in college, borrowed from the school library a few months before the first film came out. I liked the books and even read them twice, saw the movies and thought they were awesome, but never really became a hardcore fan (like some people I know!).

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Halloween Roundup!

Halloween’s coming up, so I’ve been pulling down the scary reads from my TBR shelves. I’ve been alternating novels and picture books since the month started (and Pillars of the Earth in between!), and I’m having a lot of fun scaring myself with these Superhero costumes.

Here’s a (mostly) picture book roundup, with the following books: Faust, The Dark Goodbye, The Diary of Victor Frankenstein, Les Fantomes a la Cave, The Book that Eats People, The Wolves in the Walls, Kate Culhane: A Ghost Story, Eccentric Epitaphs, and The Canterville Ghost, books #139-147 for 2010.

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Christmas Picture Books (The Flash Review Roundup)


It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!

I’ve been having trouble updating my blog because of the sheer busy-ness of the season, with Christmas parties left and right, endless shopping and giftwrapping, and I’ve been attending the dawn masses (at 4:30 am) at church as well (today was the last one!).

I’ve been poring through some Christmassy picture books for the holidays, (i didn’t realize I had so many on my shelves!)  so here’s another picture book roundup, flash review style.

(Oh, and this doesn’t include How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which I already reviewed a few months back).

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