On Reader’s Digest

I’m not really one to read periodicals, but there’s one magazine I’ve been reading for years — Reader’s Digest.

I was introduced to Reader’s Digest in third grade, because my dad had a subscription to Reader’s Digest. In fact, one of my fondest memories of my dad is related to the magazine: every time we got a new issue, we would tear into the plastic and go straight to the Word Power section, and he’d rattle off the new vocabulary words to test me on the month’s vocabulary items.

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It’s out!!!

Squee! It’s finally out — my review section for a local travel magazine!

I now review travel books for the bi-monthly publication TravelPlus magazine, and I’ve finally seen it in print, in the current (January-February 2010) issue. The section is entitled “Reads and Views” and it’s on the back page of the magazine.

Here, I review Connecting Flights and A Year in Provence.  I also have a section on Book Gadgets, and I feature the ThumbThing (maan, I do not know where I last set it down… I haven’t seen it in months!).

This is the first issue I appear in, and I’ll be writing for the succeeding issues as well (woot!), which means I’ve got to stock up on travel books (and read more of them as well).

Yay! Thank you to consulting editor Chris Datol for getting me to write for TravelPlus.

Get your copy at bookstores and magazine stands nationwide, and watch out for the next issue, where I review a cookbook, a flash fiction anthology, a travel mystery, and another book gadget. I also have another book review (full length this time) for TravelPlus’ sister magazine, ZenHealth in its March-April issue.