Who’s Excited?

Who’s excited for “The Casual Vacancy,” J.K. Rowling‘s new novel? I definitely am! I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced in February!

In fact, I’ll be trooping with the Flippers tomorrow to National Book Store.

<Cue happydancingsqueesquee!>

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New JKR novel announced (…squeee!)

So… After I thoroughly exhausted myself packing for a weekend up in the mountains, I sat down to check my email and voila, J.K. Rowling announces a new novel!

Squeeee — suddenly I’m not sleepy at all! This is like, a whole new era for me (hello, Dianne, are you reading this?!?), for all of us, who grew up reading Harry Potter! And I was just blogging about the new additions to my HP collection a few posts back!

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Countdown to Pottermore!


21 hours to go…

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