In my quest to get those creative juices running again (and to push myself to draw by hand), I’ve been amassing stocking up on all sorts of books with drawing prompts and other creative exercises.

The stack has grown and I haven’t made a lot of headway through them, but my currentĀ favorite of the bunch is a book called “Craft-A-Doodle.”

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The FUN ART-ivity book

Here’s a nifty gift idea for kids this Christmas, courtesy of my friend Sana (aren’t my friends brilliant?!?): the FUN ART-ivity book!

Sana’s line of novelty products, ArteSana, encourages fun and creativity, and this book is her latest venture. The FUN ART-ivity book is a 100-page book featuring the freehand art of renowned children’s book illustrator Beth Parrocha Doctolero.

“I want kids to discover the simple joys of doodling & writing at the same time using their imagination or creativity,” Sana says. “This book taps the budding artist in every child and child-at-heart to show their creative and artistic talents.”

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