Reading Rampaaaaage! (Part III)

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So the Flippers started arriving, and nobody was owning up to their bookish alter ego, as part of the activities was a guessing game of who could name the most characters in the party. We had our scrumptious buffet and our traditional gift-giving, and after we had submitted our finally came to the highlight of the program: the costume competition!

Each Flipper had to  “model” their character down the aisle, get up on the platform and introduce their character. See what the Flippers dressed up as!

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Reading Rampage: A Bookish Ball (Part II)

For the Flippers who attended this year’s Christmas party, aptly entitled ‘Reading Rampage: A Bookish Ball,’ this fabulous caricature by my ‘seezter’ Flipper Ajie Taduran says it all, but I want to show all of you just how crazy the night was, and how much fun we all had — so here’s the start of the recap of the night’s events.

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The road to Reading Rampage (Part I)

Several weeks’ worth of hard work paid off for us in the organizing committee, as last Saturday, Flips  Flipping Pages celebrated its fourth annual Christmas party, entitled “Reading Rampage: A Bookish Ball,” which we celebrated at Powerbooks Greenbelt.

The Christmas party is the biggest event for the Flippers in the calendar year, and I can’t believe it’s our 4th Christmas together already, and our 5th year as a book club. It seems like it was only yesterday when a bunch of us, with some trepidation, agreed to meet at a secondhand bookstore not knowing what sort of sunlight-deprived oddballs we’d run into.

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Sherlock Holmes and Flippers, a.k.a. Who killed Czar?


Last Friday night, I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie at the mall with my sibs.

(Note to Czar, who is probably reading this: yes, despite all my protests I ended up watching the movie.)

I wasn’t all that keen on watching the movie from the very first time I saw the trailer, which seemed too Hollywood-ized to me, and a few minutes into Sherlock Holmes, I found that I wasn’t wrong on that note.

With the rabble-rousing tandem of Sherlock Holmes (when he’s not raving manically) and Watson, a load of bromance and flashy action sequences, and a plot worthy of a Dan Brown novel, the film is certainly entertaining, but it comes off more like Sherlock Holmes fan fic rather than an adaptation of the beloved classic.

But this entry isn’t really about the movie… It’s about what happened at the Flips Flipping Pages Christmas Party!

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