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My friend Stanley Chi (top photo, left) is launching his book, Suplado Tips today (3 pm) at National Book Store Shangri-la Plaza Mall with  special guest Ramon Bautista (right).

A few weeks earlier, Stan sent me a copy of the book to review, but I went on a couple of trips so my brother ended up reading it first!

Stan is a friend from children’s illustrators’ group Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan. Suplado Tips is Stan’s 4th book; he is also the creator of the Chopsticks comic strip that runs in Manila Bulletin. He also does stand up comedy — you may recognize him from the local tv show Front Act.

Suplado Tips is a compilation of witticisms about how “suplado is the new sexy” (I am not sure how to explain the concept of “suplado” to readers from outside the Philippines. “Snooty” is close but it doesn’t quite capture the essence of “suplado.”… Stan, help!)

Anyway, the book is hinged on the idea that nice guys aren’t in vogue anymore, and suplado guys rule!

The comic quips range from sarcastic to downright offensive, which rates high on the “suplado” scale.

Suplado Tips isn’t the kind of book that’s my regular reading fare, but nevertheless I was interested to find out why my brother found it hilarious. The cover appears to be a spoof of Barney Stinson’s The Bro Code, and I’m pretty sure Barney Stinson would qualify as a class A “suplado,” but Suplado Tips is more suggestive and situation-specific, as opposed to a code of conduct for the bros.

I actually found the book pretty funny, and not as gender-specific as I thought it would be. Girls can totally own this book too!

Here, I’ll quote from the book:

Pag tinext ka ng crush mo, mag-reply ka after 1 day para hindi obvious na inaabangan mo ang text niya! (When your crush texts you, reply one day later so it’s not obvious you’re waiting for his texts.)

Pag sinabing PHOTOGENIC ka, ibig sabihin PANGIT ka sa personal. (When you are told you’re photogenic, it means you’re ugly in person)

Kung ayaw mong ma-chismis, ikaw ang mag-umpisa ng chismis! (If you don’t want to be gossiped about, be the one to start the gossip).

It’s irreverent and entertaining, and will surely diffuse the foulest moods. Great for gift-giving, too!

Get your book signed by Stanley Chi at the Suplado Tips launch, or read more about the author on


Suplado Tips, signed copy, paperback, 4/5 stars

Book #51 for 2011

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