Suplado Tips 2

My friend, the ultimate Suplado Stanley Chi, has a new book out: Suplado Tips 2!

Stan is one of the busiest people I know (myself included!), with two comic strips (Chopsticks and Copy+Paste on Manila Bulletin), a radio show (The Suplado Show on Dig Radio), a TV show (Hecklines on GMA News TV), a YouTube channel, stand up comedy gigs, a Suplado watch endorsement, and now five books under his belt!

If you’re wondering what the book is about, think of it as a Filipino “Bro Code” with a crazy cult following. And if you want to be part of the craze, win a copy of Suplado Tips 2 by drawing fan art for Suplado Tips and sending it to

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Suplado Tips

My friend Stanley Chi (top photo, left) is launching his book, Suplado Tips today (3 pm) at National Book Store Shangri-la Plaza Mall with  special guest Ramon Bautista (right).

A few weeks earlier, Stan sent me a copy of the book to review, but I went on a couple of trips so my brother ended up reading it first!

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Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly

I have a weird fascination with all sorts of packaging, from breakfast cereal boxes to ketchup bottles, to contact lens solution, shampoo, and household cleaning products. Given an idle moment, in the middle of a meal, a shower, or even while waiting it out at the supermarket checkout lane, I end up reading a lot of product literature: nutrition labels, application instructions, lists of ingredients, foreign language translations, and of course, warning labels.

So when I found a copy of Wearing of This Garment Does Not Enable You to Fly by Jeff Koon and Andy Powell (illustrated by Tim Carroll) in a bookstore bargain bin, I just knew I had to get it for my humor book collection.

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All about Eloise



Eloise is one of my favorite children’s book characters, although not one I know from childhood (unlike Babar, Madeline, Curious George, or Tintin). I only discovered Eloise when I saw the old movie (with Julie Andrews as Nanny) on Disney channel when I was in college and learned that it was based on a book.

Eloise is a feisty six-year old girl living at The Plaza Hotel in New York City (hahaha, like Grandmere in The Princess Diaries, also played by Julie Andrews but in the movie she has a state home on the Genovian embassy grounds) in a book series by Kay Thompson illustrated by Hilary Knight.  If you’ve seen Eloise, you’re bound to remember her forever, with the wild hair adorned with a flouncy bow, and the ruffled blouse and jumper ensemble (and pink knickers underneath!).

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Guilty Pleasures

I have a confession to make: books are not my only vice.

Novelty candy, slurpees, microwavpe popcorn, best and worst dressed lists, foodie reality shows, Merrie Melodies, Disney Channel, rom-com movies, ABBA, Madonna, pop-art shirts — the list goes on and on.

This is why I was instantly drawn to this delightful book: The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures: 1001 Things You Hate to Love by Sam Stall, Lou Harry, and Julia Spalding, sent by a kind moocher from abroad.

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