#MIBF2015: Day 1 Report


Just got home from Day 1 of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)! Opening day is always my busiest (this year more than the recent ones after a series of delays in the morning), and my feet are sore and my arms are aching, so I’ll let the photos do the talking, hmm?

I’ll go straight to the recon photos — mostly taken in transit (and in a hurry), and I don’t have the time to sort, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’ve missed out on some booths  — I still have four days! :D


Perhaps the most popular book at the MIBF — at least half a dozen booths are carrying some iteration of the Johanna Basford book. This is a special Artist’s edition — pull out a page and it’s ready to frame.


A new book in the Illustration School (Sachiko Umoto) series! (NBS)

IMG_2598Boxes and boxes of P100 comics! (Comic Odyssey)

IMG_2599Graphic novels at 20% off (Comic Odyssey)


The new Bloomsburys, which I am sorely tempted to complete
(waah, I only have Deathly Hallows so far!).
But I’m holding out for the illustrated edition of PS1 coming out next month.

IMG_2602Pulp! The Classics — nicely kitsch (NBS)

IMG_2617Crazy over coloring books

IMG_26233D Printer at Alexan

IMG_2618Sample 3D print

IMG_2624Comic coloring books and art notebooks (Visprint)

IMG_2626Romance class titles (P190, Visprint)

IMG_2628Star Wars Crochet! (Aquarian Books and Novelties)

IMG_2629Wizard of Oz Crochet! (Aquarian Books and Novelties)

IMG_2636And more Filipino romance novels! (P185, Anvil)

IMG_2638For those who’ve always wanted it (P750, Anvil)

IMG_2642For McSweeney’s fans

IMG_2643for short story lovers (NBS)


for art supply hoarders  *ahem, ahem* (NBS)

IMG_2647And squee — because I’ve always wanted this! (NBS)

IMG_2648Lots of Bradburys to choose from (NBS)

IMG_2651Oh my Glob! (NBS)

IMG_2652Shelves and shelves of coloring books (NBS)

IMG_2654In memoriam: Oliver Sacks (NBS)

IMG_2655Very interesting. (NBS)

IMG_2659Art kits! (NBS)

IMG_2661I wanted this but it disappeared (huhu! NBS)


This series appeals to the trivia junkie in me (NBS)

IMG_2664Intriguing premise… (Kerygma Books)

IMG_2666And ooh, this is out in print!
Just book 1 though; I was hoping for book 3 (Kerygma Books)

IMG_2668Every year I want to buy these facsimiles, but I realize they won’t fit in my shelves. (NHC)

Tempted to buy this, decided to sleep on it —
thanks to Flipper friend Cecille for the heads up! (P420, Ateneo Press)

IMG_2673The Damiana Eugenio series one of my staff has been lusting after (UP Press)

IMG_2675Baro looks lovely (P1000, Tradewinds)

IMG_2676Electrolychee’s Biyaheng Langit (P850, Tradewinds)

IMG_2678Complete your FSJ collection (Tradewinds)

IMG_2682Janus Silang 2 and Pangkat Papaya! Woot! (Adarna), both P150

IMG_2683Waaaaant. (P800, Adarna)

IMG_2697Spiffy! And yes, I seriously want a 3D printer. (Data Science)

IMG_2700Quiet books (I forget the name of the booth! But Hall 1, in back)

IMG_2701Make magazine available for subscription — I wish they’d carry Craft as well (APCEI)

IMG_2703It’s baaack! (P300, Bookmark)

IMG_2706coloring books by my INKie friends Jomike and Jonathan (Lampara / Precious Pages)


IMG_2711Love this old-timey set! (NBS)

IMG_2712Like it’s calling out to me (NBS)

IMG_2717P35 ukay bin (Tahanan)

IMG_2722More chorvas (Tahanan)

IMG_2724Signed prints! (Tahanan)

IMG_2726And the hidden comic stash (PSICOM)

In case you were wondering (and I’m sure you are) — I have not bought half the books in this post. Frustratingly, I had less than an hour to shop today — will make up for it before the weekend crowd descends upon us! — and some of the books I wanted disappeared in the evening (raaaaats!). I am hoping they get restocked or else I’ll have nothing for my loot report (give me a couple more days…).

Anyway, good hunting, one and all, and see you at the MIBF!

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